Friday, January 14, 2011

Ring, Ring

By Heather

Lately I've noticed that I have a common theme in most of my books--my characters usually have funny or meaningful ringtones. Nina Quinn, my first mystery protagonist, started the trend. She has all kinds of interesting ringtones, usually set by her stepson or her cousin Ana. "Like a Virgin," for instance. Ana set that one for Nina after Nina swore off men (very appropriate!).

Lucy Valentine also uses funky ringtones. Mostly Christmas music, since she's a sucker for Christmas.

I started wondering why I use this particular theme, and I finally realized that it not only can be used for humor, but it also usually reveals a layer of the character. And I'm all about layered characters.

Personally, I've had the same cell phone ringtone for years now (the same phone, too). It's the first few strains of  "Sir Duke" by Stevie Wonder. I love it, but as I listened to the Grease soundtrack today, I started thinking the first strains of "Grease" might be in my cell phone's future.

I'm sure I'll continue using unusual  ringtones in my books, but for now I want to know what ringtone you use. Is it a song? Or a traditional ring?
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