Friday, January 21, 2011

Keyed Up

By Heather Webber

Earlier this week, my husband’s car needed a quick trip to the shop to tweak something (shocks, struts?) and long story short, we found ourselves looking for a spare key to his car.

And looking and looking.

The thing was we had plenty of keys. Small ones, big ones, skinny, fat. None fit to his car.

Another long story short, it turned out that we didn’t even need the spare. But what this little escapade revealed was that we had a whole bunch of keys, and that we had no idea what they fit into. So why do we have them, if we don’t have any idea what they’re for? Because it’s impossible-impossible-for me to throw them away. What if we might need one? What if we happen to discover that, oh yeah, that key goes to the house we lived in 17 years ago? Maybe we might need that! We actually have a key labeled “1999 Corolla – Sand.” Which would be fine if we ever owned a sand-colored 1999 Corolla. We didn’t. We don’t know anyone who did. Where did this key come from? And more importantly, why can’t I throw it away?

Please tell me I’m not alone in this. How many “spares” do you have lying around?
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