Monday, December 13, 2010

A Strange Occurrence

by Kate Collins

As I sit in my kitchen, working at my laptop and trying to keep from freaking out about the horrendous winter storm outside – being alone in bad weather, in danger of losing power, is soooo not fun – I’m going to write about something positive. Amazing, in fact.

Two weeks ago, I got an email from my friend and fellow Cozy Chick J.B. Stanley, entitled “A Strange Occurrence.” In her note, she recounted how she had collected condolence cards from many of you to forward on to me, but sometime after she mailed the box to my home address, she received a call from Tiffanys in New York City, informing her that they had received the box instead. It seemed she had reused a mailing box that had originated at their store, and somehow, in transit, the mailing label with my info had peeled off, leaving their address beneath.

That was the strange part of the story. Now here’s the amazing part.

Every year for the past ten years, my husband gave me a special gift at Christmas and it always came in a Tiffany’s box. One year he even put a lump of coal in one of their blue boxes just to make me laugh, then gave me the real gift, of course. This year, sadly, Christmas is going to be very hard to get through because my beloved soulmate won’t be with me, physically anyway.

But because of an amazing set of coincidences, I still got my Tiffany’s box! And inside I found lovely cards and notes, some yummy treats, a Christmas candle, and even an angel. They came from J.B. and from many of you. The box arrived at a time when I really needed it, too.

So from the bottom of my heart, I thank J.B. and everyone who sent cards, and also to all of you who’ve written notes and facebook messages and blog comments, too. Thank you for uplifting me. For reaching out. For taking time out of your busy lives to send a message of comfort. I am so blessed that I can’t begin to express my appreciation. And it seems I need to thank my Greek, too, for one more Tiffany’s box.
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