Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Well, all the packages filled with Christmas goodies and presents have been mailed. I still have to drop by two neighbor's houses to deliver homemade goodies & take some of my fudge to Lambspun tonight, Tuesday, to share around "the table." In the real life Lambspun, there really is a long library table in the main room which is packed every Tuesday night with fiber workers---knitters, hookers (crochet), stitchery, & spinners are in the corner & weavers in the adjoining rooms. Needless to say, with that many people, we usually have food in the midst of the table. I also sent off packages of chocolate mint fudge, cranberry-orange-nut break, pumpkin-nut bread, & gingersnap cookies to my dear friends-sisters in Northern Virginia, Diane & Nancy. I was going to take the goodies in my suitcase when I leave this Thursday----until I felt how much they weighed. Wow! That stuff is dense. So, I found myself at the post office--once again. Last day to ship and have it arrive by Christmas.

Daughter Maria & I will be enjoying Christmas Eve dinner with my old friends, so it will be a special treat. Hostess & gourmet cook Nancy chooses a different theme for each year. This year, it's the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. No costumes required, but we all have to wear hats of some sort. And---bring a gift which has some connection to the theme and starts with a "T." We also have to come up with a riddle, a la Mad Hatter's guests in Alice in Wonderland. I found a cute "period" pillbox hat (circa late 40's) at a vintage clothing shop last weekend, but I'm not one for coming up with riddles. So---I'm choosing to do a rhyme instead---taking my cue from the tipsy door mouse himself.

You remember the door mouse, don't you? He was hiding in the teapot and would recite poetry: "Twinkle, twinkle, little bat. How I wonder where you're at. . ." Frankly, I suspect that mouse was sipping more than tea.

After Christmas Day, Maria & I are treating ourselves to a few days farther south in Virginia in the beautiful historic Colonial Williamsburg, located between Richmond and Norfolk. We are staying in the Lodge right in the heart of the colonial town. If you have never heard of Colonial Williamsburg, I invite you to check out the website for this wonderful, beautifully-restored colonial era town. All the townspeople are dressed in authentic apparel and engaged in the typical activities of townspeople back in the late 1600's & early to mid-1700's American Colonies.

I've always wanted to be in Colonial Williamsburg for the Christmas Holidays and experience all the holiday festivities. Music, dramatic presentations, decorations, and holiday events. In addition to all the holiday traditions, I also love to do "something different" for the holidays. It keeps things interesting.

How about you? What's the most out of traditional holiday thing or trip you've done?
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