Friday, December 10, 2010

Painting History

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Painting History
by Heather

I've been painting lately.  Son #1's room has a nice fresh coat of Gobi Desert, which despite the claims of having a built in primer still took three coats to cover the existing navy blue. But I digress.

I'm the painter in the family, and quite good at it if I do say so myself. But I'm messy. Very, very messy. It became clear early on in my painting endeavors that I needed a painting "outfit." I unearthed an old sweatshirt and sweatpants, and voila. My "uniform" was born.

Once upon a time those items of clothing were gray. But after numerous household projects, they're now...well, rainbow colored. And each color splotch carries a memory. The bright yellow? The kitchen color before its current hue of gray-green. Both boys have/had navy blue in their rooms--I have plenty of those splotches. Red, son #2's bedroom. Turquoise? My daughter's room. Dark green, the basement... Each color brings me back to another place in time, and each holds a special memory. That once-gray sweatsuit is probably something I'm going to have to save forever, me being the sentimental person I am.

The kids' bathroom needs a makeover, so I think I'm going to have to add to my sweatsuit's palette...and add another memory.

What's your favorite wall color? My house is almost all green. Green, green everywhere!


Dru said...

I'm partial to blue walls.

Andrea C. said...

Our house is pretty much blue and green (although our bedroom is Red!)

Diane P said...

Our house is 26 years old and started out with white walls which my husband loves. On our re-model last year I sneakily got some color in. I made a deal that the kitchen walls would be white while the bathrooms got painted. The only walls in the kitchen are above the cabinets because of the green glass backsplash.We have green & black granite tile.
Our living room has 3 green walls, but our bedrooms are white. I am thinking that we will need to do some painting this summer.
I love my colored walls.

lynneandco said...

Lots of green in my house, too...Sage green in the kitchen, olive green in the family room downstairs. But also milk chocolate in the great room, caramel and cranberry in my office. Notice a trend? Yes, I color everything in a shade that I describe with an associated food! Don't know why. I do love food, but don't we all. I just end of describing the color I want, no matter what the paint chip says, but the food it reminds me of. The outside of the house is buttermint...remember those soft pillow buttermints that great grandma always had at her house? So I totally "get" your emotional attachment to color and painting!

Linda McDonald said...

I love blue. Though our kitchen has white walls it has lots of blue accents, our guest room is blue, and our patio room is blue. The patio room has an "island" theme, so the blue walls there totally match my theme....I kind of feel like I'm on vacation when I'm in there. :)

Lee Lopez said...

I'm a purple girl. Any color of purple. The way I have it in my house is slate tiles. They have a mauvy purply tint to them. Hubby wouldn't stand for purple walls, or furniture.

Miki Willa said...

I love the color of my studio - burnt orange. It is very inspirational to work surrounded in such a great color.

Barbara said...

I painted our family room pale blue which goes with the seaside scenes of the paintings on the walls, the shells picked up on the beach, and other oddments. When I sit in there, I feel like we're in Ogunquit, ME where we got married rather than in PA where we actually live now.

signlady217 said...

Heather--you should take a picture of your painting outfit, and have someone else take a picture of you in it, too, and do a great scrapbook page about it!

My house colors are:

Master bedroom/bath--tan, goes with the big jungle cats theme.

Kitchen/Dining/Living room--Chinese blue and gray, Asian theme.

Guest room (hubby's office)/bath--eggplant and sage, irises.

My office--tan, what it was when we moved in, needs a redo and I can't decide. The worst thing will be having to move/pack it all up to paint! Yuck!

Kate Collins said...

I'm slowly converting walls to tans and khaki colors. They are so soothing and provide a warm back drop to many other colors and textures. But to paint the walls myself? Yikes. I'd have rainbow-colored hair. Heather, I admire your bravery.

Debra said...

My kitchen is buttercream yellow. So nice on a sunny winter morning. Our bedroom is a paler yellow. My son's rooms and bath are royal blue. The outside of our house is yellow with blue trim.

Vickie said...

I am blessed with a DH who likes color on the walls. White Raisin on the family room, landing, and hallway walls. Desert Khaki on the dining room and front room, Rain on the kitchen walls and my bedroom. Lady K's room is the brightest, Daisy, as in the center of the bloom. The bathroom we share is Primrose and the master bedroom looks like a Tuscan sunset.
We hired it done by three wonderful women, a team made up of Kim, her mother and sister. FAB!