Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Gift To You

We are offering free Cozy Chick bookmarks to all our loyal readers, old and new,
But we do ask a couple of favors. First, tell us which Cozy Chick's book you last read
or why you'd like to read the Cozy Chicks' books.

Send us your answer in
an email to and put 'CC Bookmarks' in the subject heading.
Don't forget to include your snail mail address.

(Our offer extends to libraries, too.)

BTW, if you're not already on our mailing list, we will add you so you'll get all the
Cozy Chicks updates.

P.S. Just one request per person, please, so if you've already requested bookmarks, 
please let someone else have a chance. 

Sadly, because our offer keeps being posted on FREEBIE web sites without our authorization, 
we must strictly enforce the  terms of our offer.  
You MUST answer the question(s) above before we can mail out the bookmarks.

We're just mid-list authors and on a budget. 
(We keep track of the requests, too!)


Aurian said...

I already have those, and love them! I especially like leaving the right bookmark in the book it belongs with after I have read it.

Thank you for your offer.

Nanc said...

I want to thank you all again for the gift of the bookmarks!! I took a bundle to the library and also to our local senior center...they were well appreciated. I often "re-gift" my books to the senior library and I notice the cozies get circulated the most...wishing each and everyone of you a very Blessed and Fruitful New Year!

Nancy said...

The last Cozy Chick book I read was by J.B. Stanley and I'm waiting for my copy of Black Beans and Vice. I love the Supper Club series. Happy New Year to all!

Kim said...

I tend to read via my MP-3 and now my nookcolor, but I'd love to share the bookmark with my library. BTW if any of the Cozy Chicks are in the northern NJ area we'd love to have you for a book signing.

Prairiedog said...

Thanks so much for sending me those neat bookmarks. I'll use them and they will remind me of all the fun hours I spend reading your books. Happy New Year!