Sunday, December 5, 2010

How My Husband Rolls

by Leann

My husband has a new truck today--used, but new to him. He has been shopping for this truck for more than two years. Yes. Not months. Years. When the "clunker" option came around last year, he decided the best deal was to trade in his very old truck for a new car for me, rather than get a new truck for him then. He has since been driving our twelve year old Camry as his pursuit of the best deal on a truck continued.

Here's some background on how DH operates. It's what I call the procrastination method. The following scenario has happened not once, but twice, and therefore qualifies as a method. He drives a car until it has hundred of thousands of miles and it starts to fall apart piece by piece. When it no longer runs or it needs major repairs, he buys a used vehicle and leaves the old vehicle sitting in the driveway. (We have a three car garage and a good size driveway.) He doesn't trade the thing in, he doesn't even put a "for sale" sign on it. He just leaves it there. Then, someone comes to our door with a wad of cash and says, "That car's been in your driveway for a long time. You want to sell it?" Yes, this has happened not once, but twice.

Last week, in the parking lot at work, one of the women he works with backed her big Jeep into the back of the twelve year old Camry. Smashed it up good. But, now the universe has offered a new method. The woman's father is the sales manager at a large car dealership. In return for my husband not filing on the insurance for repairs, he was offered a very very nice deal on a truck just like the one he's been looking for for two years. Hmmmm.

Does stuff like this happen at your house??
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