Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Commercial Overload

by Leann

Every kiss does NOT begin with Kay. He didn't go to Jared. And isn't likely to do so. My son will not be sneaking into the house and making coffee on Christmas morning. He won't be anywhere near my house. I don't want a vacuum cleaner for Christmas, the one being sold by a white-haired kinda creepy scientist with an accent. I don't want a new TV that might require me to wear glasses over my glasses. 3D gives me nightmares and I would think it might give children nightmares, too.

I had ONE Barbie my entire childhood. Now they come in twelve-packs. The entire set of Harry Potter movies? Nope. Don't even want one now that I've seen the commercial 500 times. And if someone somehow managed to drive a luxury automobile into my living room, I think I'd freak out so much I might have a heart attack. And the idea of cutting down a tree so big you could put a car underneath seems like a truly terrible idea. I wouldn't be smiling. I'd be asking my husband if he'd finally lost his mind.

That crazy Target lady running in high heels and spandex up hill was amusing--but once is enough. Do we really need to see the same advertisements over and over and over? It's like someone telling you a joke ten times in a row. Would you still be laughing after the tenth time? But you know there are a set of commercials they pull out year after year that I never tire of.

The Clydesdales.

Yup. Leave it to a brewery to give us some class at Christmas. Thank you, Budweiser.

Happy Holidays to all of you. (And do share your most hated holiday commercials. Consider it a gift to this grinch!)
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