Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baking, Wrapping, Stirring the Fudge Pot

Boy, have I been busy since I posted last week. Not only was there a lot of writing business
on my plate, like copy edits for the next Kelly Flynn Knitting Mystery, but I also had to find time to start my holiday baking. Suddenly, there were mailing deadlines popping up in front of my eyes.

First---daughter Serena (South Pole Serena), mentioned she'd "love" to receive some of my chocolate mint fudge and gingersnaps while on the Antarctic meteorite research trip. Oh, and by the way----I had to get everything shipped by last week in order for the package to have a prayer of being delivered to her in the field (ice field, that is) during December. Yikes! That meant I had to spend the first three nights of last week baking & making fudge.

Next, oldest daughter Christine, who lives in Fairfax, VA, in the DC Metro area, told me the family might leave "early" for a holiday trip to my in-laws home in Crown Point, Indiana. Yikes, again! I'd made the fudge & gingersnaps, but I hadn't wrapped any of the presents. Christine, son-in-law Tim and my grandchildren make up the lion's share of my shopping list. That's a lot of presents to wrap. As soon as I finished baking/fudging the first 3 nights, then I started wrapping presents Thursday & Friday nights. Whew! But I got it done. That way, I was one of the first people at the post office that Saturday morning to get the boxes priority mailed so they'd arrive in time.

There was no time for any baking, wrapping, or even licking a fudge spoon this weekend. I drove to Denver on Saturday morning and did two signings at BORDERS Bookstores. On Sunday, I left even earlier and headed for Colorado Springs, where I did another two signings at BORDERS Bookstores. Pikes Peak Writers, a Colorado writing group of which I'm a long-time member, was sponsoring a large author signing in several BORDERS stores. I hadn't had a chance to visit with some of my south Denver & Colorado Springs writer friends in a while, so I grabbed the opportunity. The weather cooperated beautifully. Sunny & mild in the high 40's. But---both events consumed each day. Believe me, by the time I made it home to Fort Collins Saturday and Sunday nights, I had zero energy for food or wrapping presents.
But now, the lion's share of the gifts are in the mail and now it's on to the next stage of holiday baking: Pumpkin Walnut Bread & Cranberry Orange Nut Bread. Oh, yes----and more fudge.

How are you doing on your shopping, wrapping, baking schedule? Are you finished? Haven't started? Halfway through? And what are some of the holiday goodies you'll be making?
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