Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

Remember when life was that simple?

Today's kids (okay, and adults) have a list. Can you say, "electronics"? Here are a few of the online lists of most wanted Christmas gifts:
  • Apple iPad
  • Kindle, Nook, etc.
  • Digital Camera (with video capability)
  • Xbox, Wii, Playstation
  • Laptop 
  • 3D Ready TV
  • Accessories (to go with the above)
See any pattern? You don't have to be an amateur sleuth to figure out this one.
Don't get me wrong. These things are on my list, too. Especially the Kindle and Wii.

But now that I've launched my kids - college, independent living, finally!, I try to include something more meaningful.

Last year, I began cookbooks for them - pretty binders, paper with a nice border, and a few of their favorite family recipes. I also included some of the ingredients I knew they didn't have, like spices. Or that were expensive, like tenderloin for the family's favorite stir fry. They loved it.

In fact, my oldest son called yesterday to make sure I was adding a few more recipes this year.
Isn't that sweet?
When the electronics break or become obsolete, that cookbook and its recipes will still be going strong.
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