Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankful to Be a Grandmother

by Leann

This past week, my granddaughter, age 3, came to visit with her daddy--aka my son. There were many special moments, ones that made me grateful for aging into this new role. I saw her in September, but that was amid the hoopla of the new granddaughter. I didn't get as much time then with my Maddie as I did this week. The memories:

1. Drinking imaginary tea
2. Playing the piano while she danced. Can't recall the last time I played (and I am not good at all, but Maddie didn't care.)
3. A visit to the library, where she saw Grandma's picture on the door (I'm speaking there next week)
4. Watching her sit on her grandpa's lap at the Disney movie and huddle close to him during the scary parts.
5. Asking us to make our dog Rosie do her "magic tricks," which include sitting up, rolling over--regular dog stuff, but amazing to her.
6. Maddie asking if she could "borrow" my cats and take them to her house for a while. So cute.
7. Naming the people in the photos on the wall--all relatives--and hear her say under her breath, "That's my family." My heart melted.

Can you guess I had a wonderful Thanksgiving? What about you? Any new things for the memory bank?
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