Thursday, November 4, 2010

Making the Seasonal Transition

I'm a summer gal. I find winter too long, too cold, and too cloudy. This year, I am determined to remind myself that every season has gifts to offer.

November marks the transition from flip-flops and T-shirts to chilly weather,

bare trees, and excuses to turn the oven on.

Here are some of my favorite things about this in-between time:

Slipper socks. Need I say more?

I can now wear this shawl. (Handmade by the wonderful cozy mystery supporter, Mare Fairchild)

Cats on the lap during marathon reading sessions.

Fires. (This one's in my kitchen and, believe it or not, is not happening on the stove or in the oven - LOL!)

Reasons to make pumpkin bread (made this one today), cookies, and pot roasts.

What do you love best about this transitional time? Any favorite cold weather items?


Nanc said...

Just today I cleaned out our wood stove and brought the kindling box inside. Mr. Nanc will no doubt have a fire going by the weekend...we are expecting our first flakes by the weekend....and I so agree about socks!!!!

Sheila Connolly said...

Awww (kitten) followed closely by, ooh, I want that loaf pan!

The only fireplace in the house was meant for coal, and the flue is shot anyway. But I did haul five storage boxes of winter clothes down from the attic yesterday--and also a black cape that my husband may wear to the Crime Bake banquet (hey, it was his idea!).

jbstanley said...

Loaf pan is from Williams-Sonoma, Sheila. That store is deadly!

I am going to have both fireplaces lit today. Damp and rainy - an English fall day.

Ladybear said...

I love your slipper socks and Mare's shawl. I'm in Virginia Beach, VA and I still don't like winter. I'm happy to be in the South.

Heather Webber said...

I love slipper socks, I'm jealous of your shawl, and I'm ready to fire up the fireplace!

I love the first snow of the year (which hasn't happened yet), and I love the holiday season. Other than that, I can do without winter. :)

Anonymous said...

Wood stoves, using all the 'little quilts' tossed about to cover shoulders or lap while reading lots of books. Baking, especially cinnamon rolls!
I would like it better if the temps stayed about 60 degrees or more...

Mare F said...

You covered it beautifully. LOL

CindyD said...

Here in AZ fall means we can enjoy the outdoors and it's cool enough to do some baking. I just put a blanket on the bed last night!

Rita B said...

The need to heat the house thru the use of the stove....baking and roasts :D

Rita B said...

The need to heat the house via the oven.....baking and roasts :D

Maggie Sefton said...

Pumpkin bread, yes. And pumpkin soup and Squash soup in all forms. Yesss. Love Autumn for the food, but the colder temps. . .I can live without. Face it, Winter is coming even if we don't want it.

BJ Miller said...

I'm not crazy about winter, but I do have a few favorite winter items.

A big comfy sweatshirt
Slipper Socks or really thick socks
Snuggling up with my dog in a nice, warm blanket, with a good book.
Pumpkin & Banana Bread
Family Game Night with the snow falling

Laineshots said...

Call me crazy, but I LOVE winter! I love everything about it. I even loved it in New England, where winters meant wet mittens steaming dry on radiators, 20-foot icicles, and 30-foot snowbanks.

In St. Louis, we don't have that much snow, but it's still cold. My winter favorites:

Baking - cookies, pies, breads, and not-so-fancy cakes. Fires in the fireplace (I miss woodstoves a lot). Smoky Cheddar Potato Soup. Purring black cat on my lap. Red cashmere throw. Angora socks. Long-sleeved silk undershirts beneath warm sweaters. Hot chocolate made with real chocolate disks and hot milk.

Today's transitional activities: Baking chocolate chip cookies. Making a cheeseburger-rice casserole for dinner. Washing the new flannel sheets. Online Christmas shopping.

Going to make a cup of hot chocolate now.

Terri Bischoff said...

cuddling under a quilt
football season
builing snow forts and snow people

I miss having a fireplace :(

Rochelle Staab said...

I love these comments! I'm sweltering in LA (95 degrees today) but my absolutely favorite winter benefit is writing by the burning fireplace.
A reason to wear UGGs all day
Hot chocolate
Sweaters big enough to engulf me
Hot White Chocolate Peppermint Mochas

When the nostalgia for winter weather is too much to ignore, I pop in a DVD of a snowfall and pretend.

Gayle Carline said...

I'm in SoCal, so my switch to winter is that I can wear 3/4-length sleeves in the daytime, instead of just at night. Woo hoo.

Merry Lu said...

I agree, that loaf pan is COOL! I also agree with all of your fall comfies, and will add soup and sweatshirts to the list. And my dog wants to add dogs to the list.

Unknown said...

I love fuzzy socks too! When it gets cold, I wear them and an old worn-out sweater that's super-warm around the house. Best thing about fall - getting out a quilt my mom made, perfect for hot tea and reading breaks. :)

Linda McDonald said...

It was 97 degrees today. We had a mild summer, and now that it is supposed to start cooling down (as much as it can cool down here in Southern Cal), the weather has heated up. But, when it does cool down, I love my fuzzy warm sweatshirts, and soft blankets. If I didn't have an allergy to cats, they would be on the top of the list too. :)My 80 pound dog is a little bit too heavy to snuggle in my lap.

Dru said...

I like getting my blanket out and I love waiting for that first snow flake.

Vickie said...

We are having a weird fall here in Denver so far. We finally had our first hard freeze last week, but the days have been really warm.
Might get our first snow next week.
Then we get out the blankets to put over the lap while I watch TV, get the sweatshirts out and start acclimating to the cold with varying degrees of jackets.
I love the scent of fall with pumpkin spice and leaf raking.

Sandy said...

Great list. I need to add them to my winter favorites especially the slipper socks. I'm going to miss my cozy winter this year. We are spending our first winter in Florida, but I brought along a good collection of cozy murder mysteries to read for those chilly nights and rainy days.

signlady217 said...

I detest winter! But I collect snowman figurines and other snowman-themed items for the holiday decorating. Go figure.

Gave away most of my really nice heavy sweaters because the hot flashes were too strong; eat chile, soups, stews and hot chocolate year-round; usually can't stand having anything on my feet even when they are freezing; and my husband's allergic to cats.

What's a girl to do?? :)