Monday, November 8, 2010

Is Love All About Chemistry?

by Kate Collins

The other evening I was lucky enough to sit at a table at a dinner meeting with the loveliest couple, who turned what might have been a dull evening into an entertaining one. They’d been married just six years, second marriages for each is what I gathered, and were so obviously in love that it made my heart ache. So I had to ask how they met. Their story is what prompted the title and theme of this blog.

Many of you know that before I wrote cozy mysteries, I was a historical romance writer. I started writing romances at a time when I was desperate for my own Prince Charming. Then I met my hero and my life changed forever. It wasn’t love at first sight, but when I was at a point in our friendship where we were in close proximity, chemistry kicked in big time. BIG. TIME. We had a beautiful courtship that lasted the length of our marriage. But oddly, after we married, I couldn’t write romances anymore. I’d found my soul mate and no longer needed to dream one up.

Now, with his recent passing, (our 13th anniversary was last week) I watch loving couples with such longing for that closeness we had. So I found myself intrigued by this dynamic pair as to how they met and decided to marry.

Their meeting was quite by accident. They were both attending a Rotarian function in a distant city as part of their work obligations. Both were alone, and somehow they ended up beside each other, so that everyone assumed they were married. He is from the U.K., and she’s an Illinois girl, by the way. He told me he saw her at his elbow and knew instantly that she was THE ONE. She was nodding vigorously as he explained it. I asked if she knew he was the one, as well, and she said, “Absolutely.” Was it chemistry, I asked? They both nodded.

Are you a believer in chemistry? Does the right chemistry guarantee a happy marriage? What attracted you to your partner, or are you still looking for THE ONE?

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