Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Indie Bookstore Signings

 As an author, you know you’re in trouble when:

  1. The bookseller forgets you’re coming.
  2. The store doesn’t have any of your books, or
  3. They dig around in the storage room and produce some. This means they haven’t done squat before you walked in.
  4. The posters and bag flyers you sent aren’t anywhere in sight.
  5. There isn’t a table set up or a chair and there aren’t any available. You’ll be standing with your books in your arms for two hours.
  6. They put another author by the door and set you up in the back room with the used stock.
  7. They want to know if you brought all your friends to buy books.
  8. You arrive for a Sunday signing in a downtown bookstore and everything else in town is closed for the day.
  9. The only employee in the store is a college kid who leaves you in charge while he goes out for pizza.
Yup. It’s all happened to me in the past.

But this time around with Buzz Off, the booksellers have been excited to meet me, they have my books displayed in the window and around the counter, they’ve sold them for several weeks before I arrived and will continue to promote them after I leave, they appreciate the promo I sent and even added their own touch, they talk me up.

Of course, even in the past I had really great signings with smart, savvy booksellers. But this time, every single one has been great. And it has nothing to do with me or my book. It's them.
I really think the remaining indies are stepping up to the plate. The survivors, at this point, are going to make it the whole nine yards. You know the good ones when you meet them. They love books, readers, writers. Let's remember to help them out by buying books from them. Let's continue to support our indies!
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