Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday Sneak Attack

By Heather

Is it me or have the holidays kind of snuck up on us this year? One minute it’s Labor Day and then next thing I know it’s two weeks till Thanksgiving (how does that happen?).

Thanksgiving is, by far, my favorite holiday. I love everything it represents—about being thankful for those around me and what’s in front of me. I like having a day set aside just to be thankful for the big things, the small things, and even all the not-so-good things that taught me something about myself, about others. Because it’s those lessons that help me to grow as a person. Older and wiser and all that.

Growing up, my family always had traditional Thanksgiving dinners. Big table, lots of food, lots of family. Unlike other families (and movies), we never went around the table and said what we were especially thankful for, but as an adult, I always try to do this with my own family. And I want to do it with you, too.

So, gather round our cyber table, and let’s officially kick off this holiday season. I’ll start, and I hope you all will add on.

I’m thankful for my family, good friends, good health, and good books (am struggling to narrow this down to a couple of lines!). And on a slightly irreverent note, I’m also grateful for clothes straight from the dryer (ahhhhhhhhhhhh, warm).

Your turn (and pass the pumpkin pie my way)!


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