Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good News, Bad News, Yada Yada Yada

by Leann

I have spent the week alone here in Texas while my husband enjoyed his annual male bonding experience in South Carolina. He goes hunting with his friends there every year. And visits the property we own where I desperately want to build our retirement home. Like tomorrow! Sigh.

The news from the hunt has been good news, bad news, good news, bad news. And all delivered with minimal text messages. He bagged a doe, so that's good for his ego. He can still hunt with the best of them and has kept his "only one bullet a year" brag alive. But though that is good news for him, it's not so good for me. I despise venison. Cannot even stand to be in the vicinity when he cooks it. I have tried more than once to "like" it without success. So my fear that he would bring home deer meat was alive and well, but good news! He's leaving the meat there for our friends who truly enjoy it year round. YAY!

Good news is he will be home soon and arrives at the closer airport. I won't have to drive across Houston in the rain, but rather will make a fifteen minute ride down the freeway. It is lonely around here! I will be glad to see him. The bad news? He's bringing home something almost as bad as a deer--an illness. I feel bad for him. He was sick most of September with a terrible virus and now is sick again. And I feel bad for me too. Number one, I might catch it and I am very fatigued right now (thank you, fibromyalgia and Lyme, but I hate you!). Number two is probably worse.

How many of you have taken care of a sick husband or partner? Sorry, men are not good patients. They regress, they're uber-needy and if they're engineers, they question your knowledge when you suggest things that might make them feel better.

Anyone familiar with this male sickness syndrome? How do you handle this kind of behavior without wearing yourself out and getting sick yourself? I have until this afternoon. HELP!
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