Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do they really sell books?

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Bird3 It shouldn't come as a huge surprise to readers that authors spend just as much time on promotion as they do writing.  (Or at least quite a few of us do.)  This promotion comes in many forms:  sending out postcards and bookmarks, showing up on Facebook, Goodreads, Myspace and Twitter, and making personal appearances.

As I mentioned last week, I'm doing a craft show today (which is why I'll be scarce for comments until late in the day).  I don't do a lot of personal appearances out of my area because I don't fly.  I am scared witless of it -- and considering all the hassles involved in air travel these days, I feel even more determined never to fly again.  (There's a reason God didn't give us wings.)  Therefore, I do a lot of my promotion from from my computer keyboard.

A_Crafty_Killing-1st in series One of the most fun things to do for promotion is to make a book trailer.  Sadly, I don't have the technical know-how, but luckily I have friends who do.  Right now Jennifer Stanley and I are working on a book trailer for my first Victoria Square Mystery.  I've never been very good at writing a synopsis (ask my editor), but for some reason I'm better at writing a book trailer script.  Boiling the story down to a couple of sentences was actually kind of fun. Finding the pictures was even more fun.  Now to see what Jennifer comes up with for the music, the timing, etc.  (That's the really hard part.)

This will be my fourth book trailer.  The others are:

Dead In Red
Bookmarked for Death
Chapter & Hearse

And if you like those, don't forget to see all the Cozy Chicks' book trailers right here.

I'll let you know via Facebook and my blog when the new trailer is available.

So, do you like book trailers?  Do you think they entice readers to buy books?  What are some of your favorite trailers?  (Please share the links in the comments section.)


Dru said...

I like watch trailers. Would it entice me to buy a book, it may especially if it drives me to the author's website and I like what I see.

Terry Odell said...

I rarely watch them. I'm more of a 'show me the blurb, show me an excerpt' because a visual of a book isn't...well, not like a book. And most of the time I could read copy much faster than waiting for a video. My reaction tends to be, "come on, go faster, I've read that frame" etc. But they MIGHT get me to go to a website and find the information I'm looking for. I doubt I'd ever buy from a trailer alone, unless it was an author I'm already familiar with and then...well, I wouldn't need the trailer!

Gayle Carline said...

I like visual advertisement, so in theory, I like book trailers. Unfortunately, too many of them are too long, and done in the same Powerpoint-kind of format. I read quickly, so I get impatient waiting for the next screen.

I made a little, weird trailer for my book. It's funny and I like it, but I don't know how you get it out to the masses.

Diane P said...

I had my 7th grade students make book trailers on Animoto instead of writing a traditional book report. They had to find pictures that showed the regular literary elements & they could add short descriptions. Some even videotaped themselves to add to the Animoto. Very fun.

Laura K. Curtis said...

I've bought exactly one book based on a book trailer. I dare you *not* to want the book based on this trailer!

Now, that being said, it's a non-fiction book, and I find fiction and non-fiction work very differently.

Shel said...

Don't take this as a typical response, Lorna...because most of the time, I'm already going to buy the book before I see the trailer!

Vickie said...

They are fun to watch, but I am not sure I have purchased a book because of a book trailer. I buy books because of word of mouth, author chats/interviews. I have been known to buy a book because of a catchy title, it's part of the charm of cozies/amateur sleuth. The title will catch my attention, the story and characters keeps it.

Aurian said...

I don't like watching book trailers. I like to build the visual of the hero in my own mind, not see some actor. That is also a reason why I don't read the comic books they make from some of my fav. paranomal series. I so dislike the drawings of the characters. So no, I have never bought a book from a book trailer. Give me a blurb, a book description and if I like that, I will buy the book.