Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Shopping Weekend

Yes, I was out holiday shopping this past Saturday & Sunday---along with millions of other Americans. I was traveling back to Colorado on Friday, so I skipped the busiest day, Black Friday. I confess I wasn't at any malls, though. I like to shop the individual retailers like Macy's, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Toys 'R Us, Penneys, Old Navy, and others. Of course, I also do cyber shopping online in addition to trekking out to the big stores in my search for holiday gifts.

I discovered a few years ago, that I could actually purchase everything on my list during the 3-day weekend and get it all done. Not counting the cyber shopping. Yes, I know I'm a little weird, but chalk it up to my over-active organized streak. Product of the Left Brain, I'm sure. It takes concentrated effort, but it's doable. Call me crazy---but I don't mind making the effort. And to tell the truth. . .I like getting it all done. Then I can turn my attentions to the really fun part of the holidays---Holiday Baking!

The hardest part is getting all my adult children to give me gift suggestions before I hit the stores. Several years ago, it was like pulling teeth. They'd say they'd email or text, then they'd forget. Finally, I hit upon the perfect strategy: Fuzzy Slippers. It's a family joke. One year my mom sent a really strange pair of fuzzy wuzzy slippers to one of my daughters for Christmas and they were so funny to look at, we've made jokes about them every since. Even my mom thought it was funny. Bless her heart.

So, I use the threat: "Tell me what you want, or it's Fuzzy Slippers for you!" Works like a charm. They always cough up a suggestion after that. Hey. . .we moms learn to be tricky early on. We have to be to stay one step ahead of the kids. :)

This year I didn't even need the 3 days because several of them asked for specific gift cards. Always sure to please. And it helps me stay within my gift budget. Yes----that's the accountant in me.

Tell us---were you out shopping on the Black Weekend? Are you trying to keep on a budget?
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