Tuesday, November 16, 2010

At the Movies

Fall temps have finally come to Colorado. Actually, they came last week, but they didn't just tease then run away again. No. . .this time the colder temps have stayed. All the beautiful leaves are on the ground or in the process of falling. No doubt about it---Winter will be coming, whether we like it or not.

And that means----delicious autumn harvest soups and other yummy recipes---and filmmakers release lots of big movies in time for the holidays. The biggest of the big---the King, without a doubt---will be the new Harry Potter episode: Deadly Hallows--Part I. Trailers have been filling the airways. Personally, I love catching up with the gang from Hogwart's, so I'll be filling one of those theatre seats in a couple of weeks.

But, today I want to mention some other movies that shouldn't be neglected in the Potter-mania. First is "Secretariat." This is a wonderful movie that satisfies on all levels. Action in all of the horse racing scenes, family dramas as well as conflicts with friends, and, of course, the amazing accomplishments of the greatest racehorse of all time----Secretariat. In fact, his incredible performance in winning the last and longest leg of the Triple Crown---the Belmont Stakes---has been recognized as such an achievement that Secretariat is regarded as the "greatest athlete" of all time. That says a lot about the horse that the owner and his trainers all called "Big Red." Nothing beats a good horse movie, folks. You can take anybody to see it, and they'll get swept up. There's even some horse-to-human communication going on that might even satisfy the sci-fi crowd.

Next, is the new Matt Damon movie "Hereafter." I enjoyed this movie. It's low key and concentrates on the character who is a gifted medium. He touches a person and immediately gets information from "the other side." People who have already died suddenly show up to communicate with the person they've left behind. The stories are extremely well-done and engaging and well-acted. This is not an action flick, of course, but concentrates on characters instead.

And last, is the movie "Unstoppable." Now, THAT is an action flick. It starts off nice and easy and lets you get a glimpse into the main characters' lives (Denzel Washington & Chris Pike). This film is based on a real-life event with a runaway train in Pennsylvania. And it shows how a "low-tech" subject matter can be every bit as exciting as any satellite chasing heroes through European streets. Lives are in danger and ordinary men step up to do extraordinary things to save peoples' lives. People they don't even know. And they put their own lives at risk. One train engineer dies trying to stop that train at an earlier point in the film. It's an unmanned, unguided missile traveling over 70 mph and heading into a town with a steep curve right in the middle of the town---set for catastrophe. The train is pulling several cars of combustible materials as well as oil tank cars. A truly incendiary situation. As it was in real life. This movie delivers, folks. If you're looking for an exciting adventure, you can't miss.

Have you seen any of these films? What did you think?
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