Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's Your Favorite New Show?

by Leann

I love the new TV season. Cliff hangers resolved. Characters survive or are sent packing, either by death or for other reasons and there are plenty of new shows to try out. Some will survive, many will not. I tend to go for the lawyer, cop or detective dramas (what else but mystery?) I was even pleased to discover that unlike the past couple years, even BBC America has a few new mysteries. And Wallander is back on PBS and in the fall! Usually Masterpiece Mystery! airs in the summer here in Houston.

So here's my favorites and the ones I do not care for. Hawaii 5-0 is probably my favorite new/old series. Lots of great banter and action. Glad to see a Lost character didn't have to move from Hawaii! The Event holds my interest and shows promise. Another favorite reminiscent of NYPD Blue and Homicide: Life on the Streets is Detroit 1-8-7. Michael Imperioli is fantastic. Blue Bloods is good, but then who doesn't like Tom Selleck? The Defenders is on the bubble for me. It seems a little silly and The Whole Truth just drags. Writers? You're not doing your job! Biggest surprise is Law and Order: LA. I was miffed when they canceled the old standby Law and Order, but this show is good. I am a fan of moral and legal dilemmas and so far they are doing a good job. But I must say that the BBC America version of Law and Order surpasses the American entry. An added plus is that I am learning the similarities and differences in the US and British legal system.

Returning favorites are bothering me a tad. Like Fringe. Love that show. Not so sure I am liking the direction it is taking (I am trying to avoid spoliers!) Criminal Minds (again, trying to avoid spoilers) had a change that really bothered me. If you watch regularly, you know what I'm talking about. The Good Guys, in danger of being canceled, is just laugh out loud funny to me. But I cannot get too attached. Apparently I am in the minority and there aren't many viewers. Oh, and I want my more lighthearted Simon Baker back on The Mentalist, so CBS, fix that please! :-)

What about you? Has the new TV season grabbed your interest? What are your favorite new and returning shows?
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