Friday, October 1, 2010

Mysterious Minds

By Heather

Next week the Cozy Chicks are getting together (virtually, at least) for a meeting of our mysterious minds.

There are many items on our agenda, ranging from ordering new bookmarks to our gift card giveaways.

Another reason for the meeting is to discuss how we can improve the blog. What’s working, what isn’t, and for that we’d like some feedback from you.

Ahem. What’s working and what isn’t? Does anything stand out to you?

Do you like the gift card giveaway? Does it inspire you to leave comments? Should we continue with it? No?

Are you on our newsletter list? Do you read the newsletters when they arrive in your inbox? Do you find them helpful/entertaining?

If you’re not on the newsletter list, why not?

Do you like our theme weeks? When we do recipe swaps and the like?

Do you like our header/logo, the typewriter? Or would you like to see a revamp of the site? Different colors, fonts, etc.

Are you our friend on Facebook or “like” or Cozy Chick page? Anything you’d like to see different there?

I think that’s probably enough for now—but please, if you have any other suggestions or comments, our mysterious minds want to know…


Heather Webber said...

Crickets, crickets. :)

We're open to hearing how much you love us, too. LOL!

holdenj said...

I have enjoyed discovering info about all of the books you all have written. The giftcard is nice bonus, but not on my mind the few times I comment. I also like it when you have a visiting author once in a while, promoting their new book.

Heather Webber said...

Thanks, Julia! That helps. We'll definitely talk about adding more guest bloggers.

Edith Maxwell said...

I might be a good responder for you. While I am a FB friend and 'like' the page, I don't find myself coming here too often. So I didn't even know you had a gift card giveway, and yes, it would inspire me to leave comments. I also don't get the newsletter but would like to. I tend to read the newsletters I do get, because they are occasional.

Reading more than a couple of blogs every day (and I already have at least four I check daily) just takes up too much time for me, which is why I have to ignore blogs by lots of my favorite writers. I love recipes, and sometimes have gotten pointed over here for one (probably from facebook), and I have have read books by at least several of you.

I think the header is fine. Research shows that it's easier to read sans-serif fonts on a screen, so you might want to consider that.

I have recently begun to blog weekly, myself (ahem, and now realize how important comments are. You can actually tell that someone read the post! And probably is why I decided to respond to the Want Feedback request.

I also like that this comments area opens in a separate window. That's good if you are halfway through a comment and make the mistake of navigating away from the blog page (like I just did, oops...) - you don't lose your contribution.

Guest bloggers are always nice to mix things up, too. OK, enough from me. I'll be back sooner than the last time, for sure.


CindyD said...

My answer is "yes" (i.e. I like everything the way it is) except I'm not a Facebook friend - I tend to be picky about who I like so as not to clutter up my facebook.
I spend much more time reading blogs than facebook pages.

Anonymous said...

I am a freind of all of you on FaceBook and get i think all the newsletters. I do read the blog every day. I may notcomment all the time but that it just me. I do like the idea of possibly winning the gift card.

I do like the look of the page. I find it is easy to read.

I have found that becasue of some guest posts on blogs I have added to the authors that I want to read. But I am picky and only read Cozy's.

I have tried a few recipes I have found and have others that I want to try.

I thing I really like it that the posts are usually not extra long. And when they are longer it is a positive.I have been turned off from other blogs becasue everyday it is a long post and not always good.

If you do change the color(s) just make sure that it is easy to read what is written on whatever the background. Not being able to easy read the blag will turn me off right away. Some color combos just don't work.

And having the comments pop up in a seperate window is nice.

~ Babs ~ said...

I am a follower on here and Facebook and most of you are also my friends on FB. I like the page the way it is. The gift card is a bonus, but honestly I never think about it. I don't always comment on each post as some don't pertain to me, but that's just me. I come by a each day and see what everyone has to say. I love getting new ideas for recipes, new books etc. I do get the newsletter and enjoy reading it as well as I might have missed something a long the way.

Unknown said...

I am the complete opposite of Cindy D. I tend to read Facebook first, and if a link to a blog shows up, and the few lines that show peak my interest, I'll click over and read the blog. I don't tend to comment often though.

I do love Cozy Chicks, and I do subscribe to the newsletter. I guess I am more the type that if it comes to me, I read and enjoy, but I don't tend to go out looking for it, if that makes sense. I also follow on Twitter.

I love reading what you're all up to, and it adds an additional dimension to the books I'm reading.

Shel said...

Cozy Chicks is top of my bookmarks list. I like what y'all are doing, and I think you do it well. I'm supposed to be subbed to the newsletter, but can't remember the last time I got one..*hmmm, check that spam folder*.
I like the contest, but I only comment if I have something to say - I don't like leaving "fluff" comments just to get entered.

Danielle said...

The place - meaning the blog and the FB page - feels simple and, well, cozy. :) I like it that way. Too many bells and whistles and things get distracting.

I still wonder how to bribe you into joining Twitter, Heather. ;)

- Danielle (MississippiMama)

Heather Webber said...

Thank you all SO much for your feedback--it really helps us. I'm printing out your comments so we can go over them at the meeting.

Our next newsletter is going out Monday morning, so be sure to check spam boxes!

Danielle, LOL, maybe I'll do Twitter one day... Just don't have the time right now.

Dru said...

I love this place. It's like home away from home. I love the mystery of what the next day's topic will be.

I don't come here for the gift card giveaway, I come here for the camaraderie.

Keep up the good work!

Debra said...

I would like it if you had a group on Ravelry. There are many reading groups on , many of them have nothing to do with knitting. There is even a group called Mystery Book Talk where I posted about this blog.
I am not on Facebook or Twitter.

Nanc said...

I am a huge fan of this was earlier stated it is upbeat, has lead me to new authors and recipes!! I don't really think about the gift card until you announce the winner and then I'm..."shucks.." ;-)
As I said yesterday..this group of cyber friends is a cozy spot that I come to every day.
THanks for all that you do...

Peacecat said...

I'm a fairly new reader. I enjoy the blog and check it every day. I love give-aways. I hate Facebook.

I did sign up for the newsletter, but don't think I've received one yet (or Yahoo's spam filter ate it!) In general I do like newsletters.

I love hearing about new books. Dru's reviews are great.

The typewriter logo is ok in that it implies you all are writers, but it doesn't convey the cozy so much. I just noticed your Facebook icon, that's a pretty good representation. (We've been working on a new logo at my office so my brain is somewhat tuned to trying to match images to ideas at the moment).

Theme weeks are good. I love recipes. That recent apple pie recipe looks scrumptious. Which reminds me I also really enjoyed the actual photos in that post. Clip art pics are ok, but nothing beats real photos.

Don't change too much. "Rearranging the furniture" as it were can be refreshing but it's not the look I come here for. I love just hearing what you chics have to say.

Laineshots said...

Yes. Yes, to everything. This is the first thing I check out every morning - even before my email. It's like sharing that first cup of tea or coffee with good friends (and not having to worry about how my hair looks).

I don't mind if you spiff up the place - different color, font, header - but I like them just as they are. I thought it was perfect here, but Dru's reviews have been a brilliant addition, so I guess there could be other positive changes, too.

I LOVE the Gift Card giveaway! I don't even care whether I win it - I just love that someone does. Yes, it always spurs me to comment, if I hadn't already planned to.

In short, I just love everything you do here. Yes, I like and am CC's friend on Facebook, and most of yours as well.

Patty said...

I read the blurbs on Facebook and come here if something peeks my interest. I don't comment often mostly because I have so many other things I'm doing. I like the look of the page and love hearing about new books. Never think about the gift card, although if I won one I would be very happy!

lynneandco said...

Since I am a relatively new follower (how could I not have KNOWN about you?!) I don't have much to suggest or comment on. But the thing I love about blogs is the sharing. And for you chickettes, I think I would love to hear snippets of your writing days...good, bad or indifferent. As well as the other, experiences, joys and sorrows. I love knowing that the authors I read are real people too! As for the look of the blog, no so important to me. It's the content that keeps me coming :) Thanks for asking! And yes, I am a FB follower too!

Jamie said...

I am a guy, but I enjoy reading all sorts of "stuff". The blog will be a big help to me to find materials. I am always open to giveaways, but the aren't the reason I do things. Keep up the good work.

Michele L. said...

Thanks Cozy Chicks for just being you! I discovered you through another blog I go on a lot.

I love all the colors, format, contests, etc. I am not a big Facebook user but do have an account with it.

The only thing I would suggest is to have some more guest authors on your site. It is always fun reading about new authors. I really like it when there are links to their websites, then I go over and subscribe to their newsletter. I am a big newsletter fan!

You have a wonderful blog that is very easy to read!