Friday, October 22, 2010

Life Lessons, Hallmark Style

By Heather

(Warning: Long post, but I HAD to tell this story.)

You have to love when life lessons jump up and smack you in the face when you least expect it. Which is exactly what happened with me last week.

Lots of things have been weighing heavily on me for the past couple of months. I even blogged a little bit about it at The Naked Hero a couple of weeks ago (you can read it here if you want).

One of those things was a friend who’s going through a really tough family situation. One I could relate to, as my family had gone through it a few years ago. I was really worried for her, and among other ways of sharing my support, I wanted to send her a card. I put it on my to-do-immediately list.

Meanwhile, I was kind of (I’m afraid to tell you just how much) whiny about all the awful stuff going on lately. Enough already, you know? When was the good stuff going to start happening (blah, blah, blah).

Also on my to-do list was a blog I had to write. I was looking high and low for pictures of me when I was little so I could use them in the post, and I was having no luck finding them (note: I still haven’t found them). I was in quite the mood when I found myself sorting through my to-be-scrapbooked bin (which has about five years’ worth of clippings, pictures, programs, etc. in it) still looking for those elusive pictures.

Halfway through the bin, I found an unused greeting card. I don’t remember buying it—or why I would have stashed it in the scrapbooking bin when I have perfectly good card bin (I love bins!). Then I read the card and realized it would be perfect for my friend. Just the kind of card I wanted to send her. How lucky was I to happen to find it while searching for something else entirely?

The card said:

I know sometimes there are more questions than answers…times when our hearts are weary and our strength fades—but when we cannot stand, God carries us through…and I want you to know that I’m here for you too.

After I found it, I was telling Mr. Webber about how amazing it was that I found the perfect card that very day in the scrapbook bin.

Me: “It was like I was meant to find it for her.”

Mr. Webber (who suddenly bore a meaningful look ala Charles Ingalls in an episode of Little House right at the moment he gives Laura the Lesson Learned): “Not her. I think the card was meant for you.”

I reread the card.



Even now I get the little lump in my throat. Yes, lesson learned.

I didn’t send the card to my friend. I got her a new one, and I kept this one for myself. Its message, definitely, was for me.

The best part? Since I found that card, a lot of the weight has lifted. Good things are happening—not just for me, but for friends, too.

Gotta love those life lessons.

So, please, tell me if you’ve had any good news lately. I think it’s contagious!

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