Monday, October 4, 2010


With Kate's tragic loss last week, she'll be unable to do any promotion for a while so we’re doing an extra push for her in this difficult time. To show support for Kate, we’re asking you to please consider buying a copy of Dirty Rotten Tendrils (released tomorrow!) for yourself and perhaps a second copy for someone you care deeply about or even a library you love in honor of her husband.


When high-powered lawyer Ken "the Lip" Lipinski is found dead from a suspicious overdose, florist and amateur sleuth Abby Knight finds it hard to swallow that his opposing counsel-and her old boss-is the murderer.


Mystery Lovers (Buy two and get free shipping!)

What has been your favorite Abby Knight book so far? Do you have any great Kate stories?


tonya kappes said...

I've never read on of her books. BUT they all do look really great. I need to make a trip to the book store:)

Lover of Books said...

I have not read them as well but I am seriously tempted to now! :)

Susan said...

My thoughts and prayers will be with Kate. I have loved every one of her books and am anxiously awaiting my copy of Dirty Rotten Tendrils. I guess if I have to choose one particular favorite it would be Mum's The Word, the first in the series, because I liked getting to know the characters. I will continue to keep her and the family in my prayers.

Dru said...

It's hard to pick a favorite one, but like good wine which gets better with time, Dirty ROtten Tendrils is my favorite because Kate's series gets better with time.

Heather Webber said...

My favorite Kate story happened a few months ago.

In June, my husband and I took son # 2 to a campus tour of Ohio University--a long three hours there and three hours home (ugh). He slept most of the way there, and on the way home, I hear from the backseat, "Hey, this book is pretty good." I had Snipped in the Bud in the car and he just happened to pick it up and start reading.

By the time we made it home he was halfway done. He was totally engrossed and couldn't put it down until he finished it. He said at one point, "The main character of this book is the unluckiest person in the world." LOLOL! So, Kate made a new fan that day, one who was completely impressed with how many books she had in the series--and couldn't wait to read the rest of them. :)

And you know if Kate's books can interest a 17-year-old boy, they're AMAZING books.

I'm ordering 5 copies of Dirty Rotten Tendrils today--one for me (and my son) and four for friends. Christmas is coming early around here!

Elisa and Abby said...

I am a big fan of Kate's books. I cannot wait to use one of my barnes and nobles gift cards to get her new book. :) I love all her books. I share her books with my best friend and she loves them too.

I am sorry to hear about Kate's loss. Please send my condolences out to her and her family.

Janet said...

I have purchased Dirty Rotten Tendrils, and I decided what I am going to do is purchase all the earlier books for my Kindle. As I finish one, I order the next one. I'm a rereader anyway, and this way I can take them with me anywhere.

Sharon Galligar Chance said...

I posted a special blog about this over the weekend! I hope it helps in some small way!

Love Kate's books, and I think Dirty Rotten Tendrils is one of the best of the series!

Linda C said...

I can't pick a favorite ... have read all of them.

The thing I love the most about the books is the characters. Fun to read and get to know.

I also love to learn about the different businesses and things that "Abby" gets involved in - from speed dating to home improvement shows.

Just a great series to read ... and just by coincidence, last week I ordered all of the books as a gift for my sister, as a gift for her "early retirement".

I have been to a few of Kate's appearances, she is sweet and has a good sense of humor.

Lizz said...

I have just finished her first book, Mum's the Word, and I thought it was fantastic. I just bought the second in the series, and plan on continuing. You will not be disappointed if you take the plunge.

Wendy Roberts said...

I'm waiting for my copy of Dirty Rotten Tendrils to hit my mailbox. What a nice idea to promote it for her!

Heather Webber said...

Thank you all SO SO SO much. For all the virtual hugs, the blogs, the retweets, the FB notices, buying books. Everything. You're all amazing. I know that Kate feels all your love and support, too.
(((group hug)))

Lynn in Texas said...

My condolences to Kate and her family on their loss.

I just placed my order for Dirty Rotten Tendrils. It's nice to see so many blogs helping to promote her work.

Mr. Hendrix said...

I can't pick a favorite but I can pick a favorite moment! I was on a scrapbooking weekend and was staying at the hotel with 2 friends. When it was time to settle in, Kim and I pulled out out books to read and...we were both reading "Dearly Departed"! She was a few chapters ahead of me and every time she'd laugh I'd say "don't tell me! I'm not there yet!"
It is great you are all helping her. She is in my thoughts and prayers

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to Kate. I love all the books I have in her series!

I will be buying an extra copy of her new book, and it will be given away on my blog this week.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I went to borders as they only had one copy and the B&N had none. ButI did my copy.

And I love them all!!