Thursday, October 21, 2010

Answer: Ellery's Mystery Cozy Contest

The line is from E.J. Copperman's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEED.

Here's the full paragraph: Once again, my team of “experts” felt that I should hightail it out of the house and go hide somewhere. Tony and Jeannie offered their home, but I declined. My mother suggested Melissa and I stay with her for the duration, but I wasn’t about to stop work on the house now, and staying with Mom would only make me suicidal, which would defeat the original purpose.

I thought about asking Ned, but it would have been odd to get a guy you’ve only been out with twice involved in such a conversation, and besides, he’d probably want to come stay in the house with us, if only to experience its historical legacy up close for a longer period of time. It’s disconcerting to date a man more interested in your house’s architecture than your own.

Congrats to Vickie Browning - she's the gift certificate winner!

See you next month for another mystery cozy line and thanks for playing!
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