Friday, September 3, 2010

What’s in a Name?

By Heather

I’ve had names on my mind lately. I’m working on three proposals (cross your fingers, okay?), and of course I have lots of characters. I can’t help myself. All my books have tons of characters—and those people need names. Two, really. First and last.

This isn’t an easy process, coming up with a name. The name needs to match the personality. It needs to roll off my tongue. It needs to fit. Oftentimes, there’s something that clicks within me when a name is perfect. But where do I turn to find these names?

Everywhere. From TV to phone books to major league baseball rosters to baby name books (and name generators) to the orthodontist.

The orthodontist??? Yep. You read that right. I was at the orthodontist yesterday with son # 2, and the girl who was in the chair next to him was named “Demetria” and her nickname was “Mimi.” It clicked. I will, at some point in the future have a character with that name. No idea who she is just yet, but she’s there.

In two of the proposals, I’ve created towns. Those towns need people. Tons of people. So, I’m looking for a little help from all of you. What are some of your favorite names? Everyday names, unusual names, ethnic names. First and last. I may not use them all, but I’d love to have more options…

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