Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tour's Over, Now Back to Work...but first, Movies!

The Fatal Four had a fantastic tour in Texas last week. Thanks to all of you mystery readers and fans for turning out for our signings in Houston, San Antonio, Ft. Worth, Round Rock (Austin area), and Denton (Dallas area). The weather was perfect, in the upper 80's, which is mild for Texas. We were in the car a lot since our tour locations were spread out and Texas is a BIG state. But, we discovered the secret to a successful Road Trip: frequent stops for food. And caffeine. Kolaches at the Czech Stop were a big hit.

Now, I'm back in Colorado and back to work doing revisions on the Kelly Flynn mystery that will be published June of next year. But, first---I wanted to alert all of you to a couple of movies that I saw a few weekends ago. I wanted to share and see what your comments were---and---what new movies you've seen that you've enjoyed.

First--The American with George Clooney. The setting is mostly in the picturesque Italian hilltop towns, where winding roads turn back upon themselves as cars slowly climb toward their quiet villages. This is a suspense flic, and Clooney does an excellent job, maybe his best work. He's a hit man who's been in "the business" quite a while
apparently. And now, he's having second thoughts. The entire cast is excellent, and the cinematography is spectacular. The scenes are shot with an artist's eye, as if each could be framed and hung on a wall. And the director uses those beautiful scenes to build up a remarkable tension. You are constantly looking over the characters' shoulders for them.

Second--The Town with Ben Affleck as main actor and director. Affleck actually wrote the script and produced as well. The Town refers to the tougher-than-tough section of Boston which produces more armed robbers and bank robbers than any other area of the country. Affleck took meticulous care to reproduce the atmosphere and attitudes of the townfolk he remembered from his youth. This movie is one of the best, if not THE BEST, action/thriller movie I've seen this year. Affleck has got a definite winner here. The actors in the cast are spot on. And Affleck himself has totally redeemed himself as an actor in this marvelous tale. He's wiped all memories of those forgettable flics of the past few years. He's done excellent work here. And he's surrounded himself with some other fine actors like Chris Cooper. If you only get to see a few movies this year, try to make The Town one of them. As with The American, there is violence (shootings).

Have any of you seen these two movies? What do YOU think? What movies have you seen recently that you enjoyed?
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