Friday, September 24, 2010

They Grow Up So Fast

By Heather

I happened across son # 2's kindergarten report card the other day (and yes, I save that kind of stuff). It was your basic K report card, with lots of stars next to things like "I participate in classroom activities" and "I share and take turns." His teacher even wrote that he was "such a nice young man" and a "real sweetheart." However, two of the "subjects" that had a check mark ("needs to improve") next to them were "I can skip" and "I know my address."

Fast forward to later that day when son #2 was sitting at the computer in the den, filling out college applications, typing in his address. I couldn't help but compare the five year old to the seventeen year old. Of course, a lot has changed (he's about three feet taller now, for one), but a lot has remained the same. He's still a nice young man, a sweetheart. He still shares and takes turns. And he knows his address quite well now, but honestly, I don't think he ever really learned how to skip...

Anything you learned in kindergarten that has really stuck with you?

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