Monday, September 13, 2010

Painting Walls: Stuck on White?

by Kate

For decades I had all white walls in my house. I added color to my rooms only through paintings, throw pillows and rugs. The reason for that stemmed from a mistake I made back in the Time Before Children, when I painted our bedroom pumpkin orange and had a pumpkin-colored print bedspread and drapes to compliment it. After a year of living inside my self-made giant pumpkin, I HATED color so much, I vowed to never do that again.

So I lived with white walls -- or off-white when I was really feeling daring -- for decades. Then I discovered HGTV, DIY, and the myriad decorating/house hunting shows that were all transforming plain white walls into glorious shades of gray, tan, green, and blue (noticeably absent was pumpkin.) Always one to jump on a trend years after it begins, I finally painted my family room a soft taupe. But while it was going up, I panicked and had the painter stop until I consulted a decorator friend. She assured me it would all work just fine.

Well, once the paint was up, I was still freaking out. It was all wrong. It was too dark, too taupe, too olive, too non-white! But then the furniture and area rug came back in and the paintings went up and -- I loved it! Since then, I’ve painted the living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room and two bathrooms in soft colors and so far I’m loving them all. Now I wonder how I lived with boring white for so long.

Are you a white wall person or a colored wall person? How bold would you go?
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