Saturday, September 4, 2010

Out To Lunch!

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Out to lunch Mr. L is taking me out to lunch today.  Someplace cute and cheap.  (No, not McDonalds.)

I've said it before, lunch is my favorite meal of the day, even if I'm at home.  You never know what you're going to have.  Will it be leftovers?  Ham and cheese on a delightful "bulkie" roll?  Homemade chicken soup from the depths of the freezer?  (Seven minutes in the microwave gets you from frozen to the table.)  Will it be aloo matar?  (Peas and potatoes in curry sauce over rice--yum yum!) Or tuna with lots of crunchies? (That's celery and onion.)  My cat Fred thinks every time I cut up an onion that tuna water will happen.  If he smells onion, he starts dancing around my feet asking, "Tuna water, tuna water?"

We don't usually patronize "chain" restaruants.  They're ... pretty boring, really.  And the prices!  Instead, we like to patronize "local" mom-and-pop operations.  They're usually staffed with friendly people, very clean, with food that's prepared fresh, not frozen and then fried or microwaved by teenagers who wish they were working somewhere else.

Today we're going to a little place called "The Cottage Inn."  Sounds very cozy, and it really is.  You walk in the door and there's a neat little L-shaped bar.  Next up is a dark room that has a jukebox, a couple of tables and a HUGE TV that with no sound--at least at lunchtime.  (We've only been there for lunch.)

Martini2 The lunch menu is pretty simple.  Burgers, wraps, and hot sandwiches.  Free homemade soup comes with everything.  (And it is yummy!  Have all you want, but you won't want a lot because the portions are GYNORMOUS ... which is why us Americans are also GYNORMOUS.)  We always start out with a drink, too.  Hey, we're on a date.  A martini is (get this) $3.25!!!!!  And they even bring you the little shaker they make it in.

I usually get the same old thing(s).  Either the fried chicken cordon bleu sandwich (which must be eaten with a knife and fork unless you can unhinge your jaws) or their classic club sandwich.  (I think it might be a club sandwich kind of a day.)

While you're waiting for lunch, and enjoying your drink, you can look around the quaint dining room, which is painted red with country accents.  All the tables have a wine bottle candle.  For such a small restaurant, they feature a lot of "local" (Finger Lakes" wines and most of them have funky labels.

Where do you like to go out for lunch?


Andrea C. said...

I'm a big fan of lunch myself! On Saturdays if my hubby and I have nothing to do we sometimes go to a local place called The food but so tasty. When we are in Cincinnati visiting my family we always go to the amazing place called The Dilly Deli. It has been around for years, locally owned, amazing charm, and fantastic food! Mmmm..I am craving it right now! :)

Laineshots said...

I'm with you, Lorna - lunch can be the most capricious meal of the day, whether at home or out. And no chain restaurants! Yesterday my husband and I met for lunch, too. He "Yelped" (do you have that iPhone app?) a place we hadn't been to. It turned out to be a tiny family-run Mediterranean restaurant - complete with hookahs (which we left alone)! We had all our Mediterranean favorites, brought home two orders of other things we knew we wouldn't be able to eat, plus ample leftovers, and the total was $23.35.

Today's Saturday. Where do you think we'll go today?

Anonymous said...

I love pub food--especially ENGLISH pub food. Can't get the real thing around here. But there's an Irish Pub in Syracuse (Colman's) that's wonderful and we go there at least once a year. Love pub (meat) pies. My Aunt makes a wicked beef and mushroom pie.

Barbara said...

Our favorite place was Bingham's, at the Lenox, PA exit off I-81. An arsonist burned it down months ago, and the arsonist just pleaded guilty, but the good news is that they're breaking ground for a new building very soon. The food was sooo good, all homemade soups, breads, pastries, yummy pies. We're all salivating at the thought of it reopening.

Dru said...

I love going to diners where you'll find a wide selection of different meals from burgers to gyros to sushi.

I also love trying new restaurants when they first opened because the staff is so pleasing because they want you to come back.

Harbinger said...

We have a few local favorites for lunch.
There's Hunan Szechuan if we want Chinese. They know us after 20 years and always add some little extras.
If we want classy, we go to Sabor. It's a little neighborhood place in a strip mall. It's quite beautiful inside and it can be pricey in the evening, but lunch is reasonably priced and wonderful. My favorite there is a Grilled Chicken & Brie Sandwich with roasted mushrooms on Ciabatta bread.
Now I'm hungry!!!

Heather Webber said...

Your little restaurant sounds wonderful! Hope you had a great lunch.

Vickie said...

Wish we had a place like yours around here. Though we might and we just haven't found it yet.
I love going out to lunch on the weekend. It works out since DH likes to sleep in and we miss breakfast. = )

Lover of Books said...

Lunch is always good. :) I need to visit some of hte local places. I have one in mind. Maybe tomorrow. :)

Aurian said...

I hate shopping (except for books and new necklaces), but love going out to lunch or dinner. My favourite place is Stadskasteel Oudaen, Utrecht, Holland. Not cheap, but just very very good.

Linda McDonald said...

I love lunch too. I like going to Soup Plantation and getting a big salad, some fresh biscuits, and some yummy soup.