Sunday, September 26, 2010

Of Fall, and Fairs and Toddler Fun!

by Leann

I am still in Seattle, where I am spending 3 of 4 weeks thanks to the early arrival of my new granddaughter Morgan. Her mom felt well enough this past Wednesday for us to have an outing--Morgan, Maddison, my daughter and my daughter-in-law all went along. We went to the Puyallup Fair. (pronounced PEW-ALL-UP). I haven't done something like this in a very long time and though I ended up exhausted it was so great to share that time with a toddler. Maddison is the rock star on the "motorcycle."

Who knew that three adults on two little kids was a necessity, but it was! I saw more than one child on a leash. Never liked seeing that but in that place--jam packed with strollers and wandering kids and long lines for ride tickets--I can understand the need. While d-i-l pushed the baby around, my daughter and I kept corraling Maddison and my daughter ended up carrying her most of the way for the last hour. This was the first time that Maddie had ever taken a ride by herself, but she is the required 36 inches for some of the fun. But the "airplanes" went a little too high.

The specialty food at this fair are scones filled with raspberry jam from the Pacific Northwest. Oh so good. I would have loved to have tried the fried cookie dough or the fried Twinkie, but I am not 12 anymore and know a whole lot about consequences!

One of the highlights for Maddie was meeting one of the characters from the Dora show on Nickelodeon--Diego. She had her picture taken with him and though hesitant at first, she warmed up to that HUGE-headed guy. What about you? Every part of the country has a fair, right? This year at the Texas State Fair they had deep fried BUTTER!!

Please share your memories because this was very special for me!
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