Sunday, September 26, 2010

Of Fall, and Fairs and Toddler Fun!

by Leann

I am still in Seattle, where I am spending 3 of 4 weeks thanks to the early arrival of my new granddaughter Morgan. Her mom felt well enough this past Wednesday for us to have an outing--Morgan, Maddison, my daughter and my daughter-in-law all went along. We went to the Puyallup Fair. (pronounced PEW-ALL-UP). I haven't done something like this in a very long time and though I ended up exhausted it was so great to share that time with a toddler. Maddison is the rock star on the "motorcycle."

Who knew that three adults on two little kids was a necessity, but it was! I saw more than one child on a leash. Never liked seeing that but in that place--jam packed with strollers and wandering kids and long lines for ride tickets--I can understand the need. While d-i-l pushed the baby around, my daughter and I kept corraling Maddison and my daughter ended up carrying her most of the way for the last hour. This was the first time that Maddie had ever taken a ride by herself, but she is the required 36 inches for some of the fun. But the "airplanes" went a little too high.

The specialty food at this fair are scones filled with raspberry jam from the Pacific Northwest. Oh so good. I would have loved to have tried the fried cookie dough or the fried Twinkie, but I am not 12 anymore and know a whole lot about consequences!

One of the highlights for Maddie was meeting one of the characters from the Dora show on Nickelodeon--Diego. She had her picture taken with him and though hesitant at first, she warmed up to that HUGE-headed guy. What about you? Every part of the country has a fair, right? This year at the Texas State Fair they had deep fried BUTTER!!

Please share your memories because this was very special for me!


Bookwoman said...

When I was growing up in Texas, the town in which I lived was the county seat. So every fall we hosted the County Fair. I remember entering the baking and the arts and crafts contest. I even one a blue ribbon one year. The rides were ok, but I miss that barnyard, cattle smell. All the baby animals.

You mentioned seeing a child on a leash. I remember being 8 months pregnant and traveling with a 3 year old through a very busy and big airport without another adult to help me. The leash gave my son a little bit of freedom and me some peace of mind. I remember seeing people look at me funny and I knew the woman standing in line next to me was going to say something. I was exhausted and frustrated with the airline and wondering how I was going to keep my cool if she scolded me for having my son on a leash. But she just smiled and said that she would have bought one if they'd been available when she had kids.

Sounds like you had a wonderful "girls" day. I know you will have many more to enjoy.

Harbingerdc said...

I always looked forward to the funnel cake and the haunted house.

I've heard tell of deep-fried wonders, but only the deep-fried butter has made me drool.

Whalehugger said...

When I was little, we used to go to the state fair in Tampa, FL. My dad said that I'd go looking for the most dilapidated, wildest ride and drag him off to it.

When it comes to fair food, it would have to be funnel cakes! I love funnel cakes! I really don't get the deep fried butter, though. That's a coronary waiting to happen.

Leann Sweeney said...

It's been so long since I had little ones and in those fair grounds, I can see how keeping your child tethered to you was almost a necessity. So many people and so many distractions. I love funnel cakes too! But I was too full of roast beef and fries and scones to have one!

Rural View said...

Leashes for kids have been available forever. I'm 70 and my mom kept me on a leash when we went shopping, which was totally unnecessary since I was so shy I never let go of her skirt. :)

Linda McDonald said...

Every year we have a county fair here in San Diego. I missed it this year, but it is something I usually go to. I love the Indian Fry Bread with cinnamon and sugar on it. The booth is always in the same place, every year, I can count on easily finding my fry bread. Yummy. This year I heard they had some sort of chocolate with bacon that was popular. I love chocolate but I'm not sure I'd want it on my bacon.

booklover said...

The venerable Michigan State Fair was the country's oldest state fair and due to the tragic economy economy here in Michigan the Fair is gone. It was always the sign that school would soon start, the leaves would be changing and that summer was will be missed.

So happy you were able to enjoy a day out with the girls...memories are made of such days....

Leann Sweeney said...

Thanks so much. It was fun but I know why I rarely do that any more! Can you spell T-I-R-E-D?? :-)

Lover of Books said...

I haven't gone in a while. But growing up, I looked forward to the Funnel cakes, fries and here in Minnesota the free refills of milk at the state fair. lol

I love to people watch, maybe next year.