Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mama's Comin To Visit

I just got home from Utah and my house is a mess.

Two kittens have filled the litter box to capacity, strewn their kibble across the floor, and shredded every roll of toilet paper they could get their claws on!

The pantry and refrigerator are bare.

My plants are dead in their pots.

Does this happen to you? A special house guest is on the way and suddenly you realize your windows are dirty, the tile grout has taken on a yellow tinge, and your carpets could do with a serious steam clean.

My mom won't care - she knows what my life is like, but you could eat off her floors any given day (and that's impressive considering she has 7 cats), so I'd better get going! I figure a vase of flowers in the guest room might distract her from noticing the mound of laundry in the next room.

What do you try to do to shape up your place for cherished visitors?
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