Sunday, September 12, 2010

Love Those Frequent Flyer Miles!

by Leann

Between the last time I posted and now, much has happened. Early last Sunday morning we got the call that my daughter-in-law was in labor--almost 3 weeks early! I was stunned, mostly because I had my flight booked for September 17th--a week before the baby was due. I wished them well, hung up and burst into tears. I had been invited to be the "mom" around with this baby and I was about to miss out on a very special event.

I thought for about 10 minutes, dried my tears and got on the Internet. Since my daughter-in-law had a C-section with the first baby, she had wanted a natural birth this time. So, I thought I just might have time to get on a plane and at least be there a few hours after the new little one arrived. I had just enough frequent flyer miles to avoid paying $900 for a ticket. I booked it, my husband sped me to the airport and I was off in less than 4 hours after the initial call.

The second leg of my personal "amazing race" began when my sister picked me up at the Seattle airport with my oldest granddaughter in tow. Trying hard to observe speed limits we headed for the hospital. And arrived thirty minutes before Morgan Elizabeth came into the world! I think this was meant to be. She's a little one--only 6lb 1oz and she dropped down to 5lb 7 oz, but she had gained back some of that by the time I left Saturday afternoon.

More good news. I get to go back in less than a week. Don't want to waste a perfectly good plane ticket. And I have to build up my mile bank. Who knows when I might need it again. Now ... what to get for the baby who needs nothing! Ideas, anyone?

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