Monday, September 20, 2010

Let’s Do Lunch!

by Kate

I was going to write about how I seem to get stuck on certain foods, in a food rut, if you will, for long periods of time. For instance, my current favorite lunch is raw broccoli spears dipped in hummus, with fresh cherry tomatoes and a thick slice of goat cheese, and fresh fruit for dessert. It suits my summer mood. But as I wrote the title, I couldn’t help but think of how people are always saying, “Let’s do lunch,” but never follow through. I don’t understand that.

Maybe it’s because if I say “Let’s have lunch sometime,” I really want to have lunch with that person, and I will call to set it up. Plus, I’m anal enough that if I say I will do something, then I must do it. It’s a matter of integrity. My husband points out that, in the same vein, I have this urgent need to finish things, like crossword puzzles. I will not give up on a puzzle until it is done.

Maybe it comes from the training writers get in meeting deadlines, but I suspect it stems from having a father who could never finish a project. Ever. He’d get right up to the last step, then stop and move onto something else. Like a kitchen remodel that was great, except he didn’t put up baseboards. A cabinet with shelves and doors but no back. You get the picture.

Does the “Let’s do lunch” with no follow through bother you, or is it just me? Maybe I’m missing the boat on what’s really being said.

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