Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Introducing Molly Malone

Great News!! My agent said I could officially spread the word now: I have sold a second mystery series---The Molly Malone Mysteries. Molly Malone book #1 will be pubbed either August or September of 2012 by Midnight Ink. 

Molly Malone is set in contemporary Washington, DC, which is my old hometown. It's got good guys, bad guys, and political types (all fictional) mixed in with mystery and some intrigue. Molly first "walked onstage" in my head in February 2006, when I was busily trying to write A KILLER STITCH. As you've heard me say before, my characters don't ask if they can show up, they just appear front and center and try to distract me. I told Molly and her friends (who seemed to increase daily) to stop bothering me because I was busy with Kelly Flynn. Then, I promised I'd "play with them" that summer.

Later that summer, after returning from a vacation to refill the well, I went into my shady backyard with my laptop, plopped down on the chaise lounge, and said to Molly and Company: "Okay, who ARE you people?" Boy---did they proceed to tell me. Molly's story---and theirs---just poured out. I could barely type fast enough. It took days and days and days to get all that "back story" down. Then, they proceeded to tell me what was about to happen next.

Characters appeared and introduced themselves and spun scenes---friends, enemies, old confidantes, bad boy from the past. . .Bad boy from the past? Who's that? Hmmmmmmm. I didn't have time to get a word in edgewise. They kept talking and talking and talking. Finally, they let me know THEY were finished, and it was MY turn now. Huh? I thought, reading through all those pages I'd typed and printed out. Where do I begin?

So---I decided to let Molly take over. She didn't miss a beat. She stepped right up---cheeky tart---and started telling me what happened next. . .and next. . .and next. The Molly Malone Mysteries are in Molly's voice---first person narrative as writers say. And it is definitely a distinctive voice. Here's a brief intro to Molly and what's happening as book #1 opens.
"Molly Malone needs money, and she needs it fast. Her broker gambled all her savings in the stock market and lost. And her ex-husband is about to evict her from his Denver condo. With her savings gone and her bank account approaching zero, Molly is forced to do what she swore she never would: return to the city that broke her heart--Washington, DC--and face the ghosts---and enemies---from her past."

I can't wait until you folks have a chance to meet her.
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