Friday, September 10, 2010

Garden Variety Slacker

By Heather

I had the best of intentions with my garden/landscaping this year.


But somewhere between April and now, I completely slacked off. April and May were filled with book tours and conferences. Then there were vacations and more conferences. Then it was a thousand degrees and near drought conditions. Then it was September.

The yard definitely suffered.

It's actually kind of embarrassing.

Just look at this poor perennial I planted in the spring. It has neglect stamped all over it, doesn't it?

And then, oh, this is so bad. Just look at the morning glories I planted a few months ago. Sad, sad, sad.

This time of year, the morning glories are supposed to look like this (this pic was taken last year, when I didn't slack off all summer).

Yet, somehow, even amidst all the abandonment, Mother Nature decided to take pity on me. With these.

Those are impatiens. And I didn't plant a single one of them. Apparently, last year's crop of impatiens dropped seeds. And because we never put down mulch this year (hanging head in shame) the seeds took root. Before we knew it, the whole back garden had impatiens popping up left and right. My daughter calls it the "impatien plantation." I call it a miracle.

The weather is starting to turn, and we might actually get rain this weekend (thank you, Hermine!), so I think it's time to give the yard a little TLC. And maybe even get that mulch put down. Finally.

How did your garden grow this year?
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