Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dying in the Dog Days

When I last posted to you folks, I was had just arrived in my old hometown of Washington, DC, to do some research and write on the second in my Molly Malone mysteries. I was ready to go, when. . .

Bam! I ram smack into that wall of heat. Whoa! I'd forgotten how bad those ol' Dog Days of Summer were. Yikes! 95 & 96 degrees AND 99 % humidity. Yeow!! The mornings were fine, because Washington heat/humidity sneaks up on you. Mornings are nice then gradually build until almost noon, then Bam! You cross the intersection and are hit with that blast furnace heat. Brutal!

Of course, since Molly #2 takes place during the Dog Days, I had no recourse but to tough it out. I was out walking all over the city every day. That's why I had come, I reminded myself as I kept escaping into cafes and coffee shops and drug stores to buy cold drinks & water. Whew! From the Mall to the Capitol to Lafayette Square across from the White House (a favorite) to Georgetown where a lot of scenes take place. I wandered along the shady side of the streets wherever I could find them. Thanks goodness I'd brought a sun hat.

For those of you who followed me on Facebook, I kept everyone updated on my adventures in my Hot Hometown.

But I did get a lot done. And---I was definitely ready to escape on Saturday. I picked up a rental car and headed for the Eastern Shore of Maryland to an inn I had found that sat on a point of land jutting out into the Bay. Surrounded by water on three sides and gorgeous views of the Chesapeake Bay. I lay on chaise lounges & sat on screened porches and stared at the Bay and read. Then stared at the Bay some more. Weather was sunny & gorgeous and those Bay breezes were just what I needed to cool off from the hot, hot city. And daughter Maria was able to join me for two days, which made it even more fun.

How about you folks? What did you do for Labor Day? Shop for school? Picnic? Go camping?
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