Monday, September 27, 2010

Breakfast on a Cruise Ship

by Kate

Have you been on a cruise? Is there anything better than their breakfast buffets?

I am a huge fan of breakfast. I can’t function without a balanced meal first thing in the morning. I get crabby, shaky, and headachey if I skip it. So I always eat a nutritious breakfast. But I also get in food ruts, having the same thing every day. Well, not on a cruise I don’t. Yummmm.

Waffles! Crunchy, golden waffles topped with anything you like. Who has time to make them in the morning? Not me. How about pancakes, or French toast? (Call me a food snob, but I refuse to eat the ones that pop up from a toaster.) You can have eggs any way you like them, even my fav Eggs Benedict. Oh, baby. And all kinds of meats, fruits, breads, teas, coffee, juices, cereals hot and cold...... whatever your little heart desires and more. Gluttony at its finest – or worst. But it’s only for ten days, so what the hey? We work it off over the course of our trip, and we always take the stairs way up to the Lido deck to get there. It helps assuage our guilt. (That way, I can also have the occasional hot fudge sundae. Shhh!)

We recently cruised on the Holland America ship, Noordam, and had a marvelous time. The crew was top-notch, and the servers were quick, polite, always friendly, and so cute I wanted to adopt them. Our cabin was ultra-plush and clean, and the dining was outstanding no matter where we ate. We’ve cruised on three different large liners – Princess, Norwegian, and Holland America – and I give the last one the highest marks for roomy accommodations, imaginative and delicious menus, and service.

Do you cruise? What’s your favorite part of it? What’s your favorite cruise line? What’s your favorite destination or where do you really want to travel to next? I’m still trying to decide what to see. South America is sounding pretty interesting.
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