Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Authors Reading From Their Books - A Poll

First, authors need to be creative writers. And good ones, too.

After publication they have to become entertainers, going out meeting readers,making them laugh, cry, care.

Then someone, sometime, is going to ask them to read from their book. Gasp! Gulp! What??

The first time this happened to me, I was at the Wisconsin Public Radio studio, with those big earphones on, and my interviewer tossing questions at me. "Read a passage for us," he said, throwing a curve ball. And he knew exactly which pages he wanted. Okay, then, go....and I did okay, not great, passable.

I felt like Pierce Brosnan singing in Mama Mia - not all that comfortable. James Bond is good at so many thing, why does he have to sing?

Now, the question is...if you are at a book talk, do you want the author to read?  Do you expect audiobook quality?

Do you ever feel like these guys??
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