Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are You a Seasonal Reader?

I am. Of course, cozy mysteries are perfect anytime. But let's stray a bit from that wonderful genre and embrace the rest.
Spring and summer 
Can't wait for a good beach/vacation read, throw in a little romance, chick lit, etc. and I'm in heaven. Janet Evanovich usually has a new Stephanie Plum mid-summer. What a treat!
Time for lots of good mysteries and thrillers. I've just discovered Christopher Fowler and love his Bryant and May mysteries.
 Okay, this isn't officially a season, but what a great time to read some horror (or watch it).
At least two or three holiday stories. The new ones, the old, anything I can get my hands on.
The Depths of Winter
With all those cold, dark hours it's time for the heavy stuff - a classic or historical, something thick and leathery.

So, tell me, are you a seasonal reader?
And don't you think fall is the perfect time to kick back with a good mystery? 
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