Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who stole my summer, dude?

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Long hot summer After a long cold miserable winter, I so look forward to a long, WARM summer.  Well, we got warm this year.  Very warm.  Very, VERY warm.  And muggy.  And those hot muggy days went on week after week, month after month. 

I hate that.  If you're lucky (?) you have central air conditioning, which makes you a virtual prisoner in your house, because if you dare step outside your hair instantly frizzes and you break into a sweat, and those wet moons under your armpits just aren't that attractive.

So it was a bit of a shock when we had a gray weekend that morphed into a cool week.  A week that required a sweater.  Even the air took on a new scent:  fall. Fall meansNew shoes school.  School always filled me with DREAD.  The pinch of new, not-broken-in shoes, a shopping trip to buy notebooks, pens and new clothes.

But fall and school are locked together in my brain and I found myself cleaning my office, getting read for ... something.  I mean, I haven't been to school in decades (and we won't get into how many that is).  I consolidated boxes of books and bookmarks, stowed away the stuff I've been accumulating for next year's Malice Domestic charity baskets, and may even break out the vacuum.

Autumn leaf It's the changing of the seasons and I'm really not ready for it, simply because I've spent almost the entire summer INSIDE.  I've been writing, and revising, and working on blogs (four of them!) and I haven't had much of a chance to sit back and relax and do anything fun.

In other words, I want my summer back, because that long, cold, lonely winter is right around the corner.

Did this summer go too fast for you, too?


Andrea C. said...

Summer always goes fast! Faster every year, it seems; however, I LOVE FALL so I am pretty excited. It isn't sweater weather here yet, but it is cool and nice this morning (at 6:30). It will heat up again, but I am happy knowing cool weather, pumpkins, and changing leaves are right around the corner!

Linda Leszczuk said...

Yes! There were so many things I wanted to do this summer that didn't quite happen. Of course, what Mother Nature didn't do to cut it short, the local Board of Ed did. School started here on August 16! Too early!

BTW, you used a graphic from the movie The Long Hot Summer. I know you picked it for the name, but do you know that movie? One of my all time favorites.

tonya kappes said...

I might sound heartless but NO! I'm glad summer is OVER. I do love to lay at the pool, go to the beach, cook out, go to cook outs, take out the boat, fireworks...the whole nine yards. BUT I have four teenage boys who will eat the wood off the walls if we don't have food, they will track freshly cut grass in the house, they will hit each other, they will lay around playing video games, they will GET ON MY NERVES! They did get on my nerves...

Ahh...I have my mornings back. The calm mornings where I can sip my coffee and listen to the peace...ahhhhh.

Barbara said...

I'm glad the summer is nearly gone. Sept. is my favorite month; a time of new beginnings, chilly nights, longer attention span, fall colors, more energy, and the end of the terrible heat and humidity we had so much of this summer. Ah, I can breathe!

Harbinger said...

This summer kept me inside, too, venturing out to the car to go to work and then back home again. Very little was done outside since the few nice days did not coincide with my ability to take advantage of them.

We were waiting for sandwiches the other evening at a pit beef place called Charcoal Grill. This is a shack and you order and wait for your food in the open, and while waiting, we noticed the drop in the temperature. My hubby said that you could tell fall was coming due to the temperature drop at sunset.

I understand the fall school issue, I still have that school thing every Sunday night and I'm also not saying how many decades it's been.

But I do love the smell and colors of fall and Halloween is my favorite holiday. Yes, I am a bit weird.

Vickie said...

I like fall since summer gets so hot (but it's a dry heat) here in Colorado. We did get some breaks with some nice rain and cooler weather, then back to smokin' hot. Went to Kansas in June and WI/Minn in July to get reacquainted with smokin' hot with humidity. Woof!

The summer did seem to fly by, but that's okay. I do better in the cooler weather. I can wear sweaters and I can blame my fluffy bod on the wool. I also feel more inclined to work out in the cooler weather.

Debra said...

I am so looking forward to fall and do not miss the horrible heat. Our son (who like Tonya's boys' eats and eats....)is going off to college in New England and we will be going up for his football games. I'm a knitter and we live for sweater weather.

Anonymous said...

I am so ready for summer to be over. Now I don't want cold temps but temps in the mid/high 70's would be nice. We have been at or above 90 since mid April. Can't do much yard work with those kind of temps.

Haven't had anyone here to go to school for a long time. But this is the first year that we have not gone out to buy supplies as oldest grandson is done with school and the other is only in daycare yet. So that feels a bit weird.

Linda McDonald said...

We have had a really mild summer this year. I live in the eastern part of San Diego, and out here we had sun all summer, and with the exception of this past week, we have had mild nice temperatures. I know the folks out here on the coast have complained about it though, because near the water it was overcast and cool much of this summer. Kind of weird weather for us. I just hope this doesn't mean we will have a hot Fall.

Nanc said...

I love Fall!!! I'm excite to plant some mums, get cornstalks and pumpkins and watch the leaves color our field with all sorts of gorgeousness! We had a hot summer here in MI so I'm thrilled to pull out the quilts for evenings on the front porch these next few months.
Thanks for the post that reminded me to dig them out and get them washed!!!

Chèli said...

I can't say that the summer went too fast, only that everything is moving too fast. The winter passed quickly, I can't remember spring at all, and summer... well , summer seemed to linger for days at a time and now it seems that it was extremely short. What does the future hold for us? I foresee quickly passing days that turn colder and colder.
Cheli's Shelves

Helen Kiker said...

Fall turns into winter way too fast for me so I would like to keep summer around a bit longer. The leaves falling off the trees is very sad. Here's hoping for a short winter.

Helen Kiker