Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's With the Bathtubs in the Forest?

by Leann

Sometimes I don't mind commercials. Some of them can be darn entertaining--especially come Super Bowl time. Right now I'm liking the one with the "invisible monkey" staging a celebration in a new car lot. One of my faves is the dog having nightmares about his bone being lost or being stolen by the cat. There's a long and short version with the song "Trouble" by Ray Whose Last Name I Can't Spell. I never get tired of that one.

But the E.D. commercials with the old fashioned bathtubs outdoors? Um, can you spell STUPID? Raise your hand if you have matching tubs outside and take a bath there with your husband or significant other. Raise your hand if you'd ever want to do that.

What I especially despise is the the long list of all the side effects from medications at the end of these commercials. Scary, huh? yet people end up going to their doctor and asking for these drugs. For me, this is a perfect example of the tail wagging the dog. Since when do the drug companies decide what medicine you need? Oh. Since they started making BUCKETS OF MONEY. Do you ever wonder how your doctor feels about this? What do they think when a patient comes into the office with a list of drugs that might "fix" them? Who's the diagnostician? I think the lines have become blurred and I, for one--and as a retired RN--do NOT like this.

Okay, rant over. Tell me your thoughts!
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