Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer's End? Time to Travel!

Oh, no! I LOVE Summer. And. . .it's about to end. Darn. No matter how hard we try, we can't stop Time. August is coming to a close. Next week, September will arrive with Autumn's colors and schedules. Ahhhhh. . .but it's been a great Summer. Pretty hot temps, sometimes, but gorgeous days where I could be outside in the shade, reading and enjoying. Pretty hectic, I'll admit. Message to Maggie: Do NOT schedule way overdue doc appts for the summer. Or, other miscellaneous appts.

I did get to see some good movies. I have to say that the last two were the best of the summer. Avatar came out before, so that's not included. I already posted about the fun ones, Shrek and Toy Story 3. Toy 3 was funnier than ever. However, these last two are really worth mentioning. Inception--which is a great kind of sci-fi mixed with fantasy, hard to say what. But it definitely is intriguing. The concepts are fascinating. But---the best so far has been "SALT." Wow. Is THAT an action flick that delivers. Now, you guys all know how much I love action flicks. And this is definitely the BEST action flick I've seen so far in 2010 (not counting Avatar because that's fantasy action). Jolie is the best I've seen her, and this female CIA operative role allows her to do more than shoot people and dodge bullets. The plot is twisty and has lots of surprises. Plus the other actors are excellent, including the marvelous Liev Schreiber (sp?).

Movies over---now I'm about to travel again. As you can see from some of the photos I've included. I'm heading to Manhattan Thursday (top left) so I can spend my birthday (August 27) weekend with daughter Melissa AND daughter Maria (in NoVa/DC) is coming up for Friday. So---I'll get to spend time with two of my daughters! What a treat! We're already thinking of what we want to do. Weather is good, but even if it rains, not a problem. I always travel with my Colorado hiking jacket w/hood. :)

Monday after weekend, I fly to Washington, DC, to stay in the midst of the city (my old hometown) and work on my Molly Malone series. That's the mystery series which is set in Washington, DC, and I'll have more information on that later this Fall. After that week, I'll head for the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, all the way to the Eastern Shore. But I'll share more of that in an upcoming post. Meanwhile, folks----enjoy the last of Summer!

What do you have planned to spend these last few days of Summer?
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