Friday, August 27, 2010

Old Lady? Or Awesome?

By Wendy Lyn Watson

I live in an adorable little town. For those who’ve read the Mysteries a la Mode, the fictional town of Dalliance, Texas bears a suspicious (albeit not particularly mysterious) resemblance to the real-life Denton, Texas. Our adorable Arts & Crafts bungalow is right in the heart of that cute little town, too. I can walk (and have walked) to my office on campus, the town square, all the best restaurants, the best coffee shops, the grocery store, the library, the park, my doctor’s office, the pharmacy, the post office . . . you get the idea.

But you know what’s better than walking? Biking. On a bike, I could manage to get frozen food home from the grocery store before it turns into a puddle in my eco-friendly canvas tote. On a bike, I could haul my books home from my office or the library without needing a chiropractor afterward. On a bike, I could run my errands without it taking all dang day.

Most importantly, on a bike, I could look really cool.

Well, not quite. See, I’m, uh, coordination-challenged. I can’t ride a two-wheel bike. I guess, technically, I can . . . it’s just really not safe.

So I’ve been longing for a three-wheeler. The pedaling kind. O.K., let’s just call it what it is: an adult tricycle.

I tried visiting the local bike stores to see if they had one in stock, but no soap. The cute boys in their spandex shorts all scoffed. “You mean like the old ladies ride?” Yes, young whippersnapper, just like the old ladies ride. Now stop laughing or I’ll beat you over the head with my massive handbag.

I began to despair of ever finding my sweet three-wheeled ride. But finally I found a model and a distributor and ordered one in all the way from Miami. And it’s pink! The color is officially called “raspberry,” which is even better than “pink” because it’s delicious. It has a basket on the back, and I don’t care if little old ladies ride trikes, this one makes me feel like a kid. And it makes me feel pretty cool, too.

I’m totally in love with my trike, but I think I need to trick it out a little more, up the cool-quotient further still. I don’t know . . . what do you think? Streamers on the handles? An awesome bell? Help me pimp my ride.


Wendy Lyn Watson writes deliciously funny cozy mysteries with a dollop of romance. Her Mysteries a la Mode (I Scream, You Scream (October, 2009) and Scoop to Kill (September, 2010)) feature amateur sleuth Tallulah Jones, who solves murders in between scooping sundaes. While she does not commit--or solve--murders in real life, Wendy can kill a pint of ice cream in nothing flat. She's also passionately devoted to 80s music, Asian horror films, and reality TV.
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