Monday, August 2, 2010

Mom’s Best Old Time Home Remedies

By Kate

My mom was a firm believer in the amazing powers of apple cider vinegar. If we had coughs, she mixed it with honey and we sipped it. If we had sore throats, we gargled it. We didn’t buy expensive hair conditioners. We poured vinegar in a cup, added water, and boy, did it make our hair shine. Once, I had my head under the faucet and forgot to get the vinegar out, so I reached blindly into the cabinet, pulled out a bottle that felt right, and doused myself with it. Boy, did my hair shine that day, too. I’d grabbed the corn oil. It took four shampooings to wash that oil out.

My dad used vinegar as a deodorant because he was sensitive to store bought brands (probably the aluminum in it). We also used vinegar after washing our faces to combat oily teenaged skin.

Lately I've been reading articles on the amazing powers of vinegar. What was old is new again. Go figure.

Baking soda was another favorite home remedy. My mom swore by it for acid indigestion, to whiten teeth, clean out calcium build-up in the coffee pot, and as a scouring powder. It also worked as a paste on bee stings.

The great thing about the old home remedies was that they didn’t harm the environment, although no one knew that back then. People had no idea what lay ahead for the world – all the toxins in the air, water, soil, and food supplies. All they knew was that their trusted remedies had been passed down for generations for the simple reason that they worked. No commercials needed. Sadly, there wasn't much money to be made in vinegar and baking soda, so they were buried under the avalanche of modern products, most of which are turning out to be carcinogenic.

Do you use any old-fashioned remedies? What’s your favorite tip for using a natural product?
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