Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kelly Flynn is on Youtube!!

Yay!!! I've finally joined the Youtube ranks with my video book trailer for SKEIN OF THE CRIME. Thanks to our Cozy Chicks resident genius, Jenn Stanley, and to hours of my looking at online photos and listening to music online. Hey! How do you think I was so engrossed that those nasty skeeters ate on me that Sunday night? I was trying to find just the right stuff for my very first video book trailer. Plus writing the text, of course. But the text was a piece of cake compared to all the time put into choosing music & photos.

I'd love it if you guys could go to Youtube and check out "Maggie Sefton book trailer" --or--simply use this link below, then tell me what you think when you reply to today's post. Link is:

And---there's more good news! The downloadable audiobook for the very first Kelly Flynn Knitting Mystery---KNIT ONE, KILL TWO---is finally available. As of August 3rd, it could be ordered online at Barnes&Noble.com and Amazon.com and Audible.com---and of course---on Penguin Publishing's very own website.
So. . .I'm doubly excited, folks. SKEIN OF THE CRIME has a "visual" promo on Youtube, and KNIT ONE, KILL TWO has an "aural" promo online in the audiobook release. Wow---stimulating two senses at the same time. Now. . .if we could only find a way for all of us to sniff those yummy recipes in the back of so many of our cozy mysteries. That would be way cool!
And that brings me to a BIG point. All of us here at Cozy Chicks and our other fellow cozy mystery authors have decided to stop being "modest" about the HUGE SUCCESS OF COZY MYSTERIES!!!

Pardon me---didn't mean to shout----but, we ARE proud of the HUGE growth that's been going on now for several years in our mystery genre. Cozies are now as BIG as Thrillers! You don't believe me? Check out our sales numbers! Go ahead. . .ask your local bookstores. They'll tell you. Sales numbers have a way of getting everyone's attention.

And I think I know the reason why. We cozy mystery authors definitely have been "pushing the edges" with our stories. Not for the sake of pushing, mind you. Oh, no. We do it because our CHARACTERS and our STORIES demand it. Oh, yesss! And that's why I think Cozy Mysteries have become HUGE bestsellers!! They're darned great mystery reads!

So---we at Cozy Chicks are starting here and now. We're standing up and saying it Loud and Proud---- "Cozy Mysteries are HUGE bestsellers!! COZIES ROCK!!!"

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