Saturday, August 7, 2010


by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Why is it we dream?  Unfinished business at the end of the day?  And why do we sometimes dream bad things?

I had a dream Leann was mad at me.  I don't even know why she was upset, but she yelled at me and it made me cry, and then she pinched me!  Hard.  More than once!  We were at some mystery conference, carrying our manuscripts around in big white binders, and moved to sit in some out of the way alcove.  She sat on one love seat and I sat on another.  And then, from out of nowhere came Andrea Bocelli (who wasn't blind) and he started singing a cappella that Phil Collins song, "You'll Be In My Heart."  All of a sudden the place was full of people and we all joined in on the chorus.  But then, as he went to start in on the next verse, someone called out and started criticizing his singing.

Come on--this is Andrea Bocelli and his singing happened to have been wonderful.  I told him he should do the song on his next album, but he said his producer didn't want him to do covers.  Go figure!

And then my cat Bonnie started meowing (although actually she says GOW! in a really loud voice) and woke me up.

Okay, is Leann mad at me?  No!  (Or at least, I don't think so).  But she's been missing from my life for weeks while she's been finishing her latest book.  She's worked so hard and cut out a lot of socializing on the net to get the book done.  My subconscious must've been thinking she was mad at me because I've missed her.  (But did you have to pinch me so hard, Leann? : )   )  I do keep all my manuscripts in white binders.

So what significance does Andrea Bocelli have?  Well, I put his CD "Sogno" on the pile of stuff to hear last night, but didn't get around to playing it.

How about Phil Collins' song?  I heard it on the radio last week.  (And it's on the Celtic Woman "Songs from the Heart" which I also have.  No Phil Collins version, though.  Might have to download it.)

I suppose in a week from now I won't even be able to recall that a couple of ex-friends of my mine were in this dream.  People who drifted away 20 years ago.  (Haven't heard from them since ... although, I must admit, suddenly I'm hearing from a LOT of people I hadn't heard from in a long, long time.  Think that has some signicance?)

Okay, enough with me playing Sigmond Freud.

What weird dream have you had lately, and do you think it meant anything?
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