Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Welcome to the dog days of summer!

Cozy readers have a lot in common with each other. Besides listing reading as one of our favorite pastimes, we share a keen interest in the world around us. We love to learn new things and explore areas of the world through the pages we turn. Cozy readers are compassionate, make loyal friends, aren't afraid to try new things.

And we share a love for animals.

On  Sunday I went to a dog show, a big one, a qualifier for national. What a treat!!! The dogs were wonderful, the handlers were funky, the atmosphere was electric.

While watching the action in the ring, I couldn't help noticing that the dogs were given treats....from the handlers' mouths. The show dogs got a piece. The handler got a piece.

"What are they eating?" I asked a woman waiting her turn in the ring.
"Dog bait," she said. "Chicken or steak."
I nodded, running this through my mind.
"We don't have a free hand in the ring," she explained. "So we pack the bait in our cheeks."
Okay, then. I'm glad I asked.

 Someone tried to explain the point system to me. They failed.

One show dog owner whispered a concern about PETA. The organization doesn't approve of showing dogs. I don't have a solid opinion on that, but I can tell you I didn't see any signs of abuse.

Quite the opposite.

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