Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Welcome to the dog days of summer!

Cozy readers have a lot in common with each other. Besides listing reading as one of our favorite pastimes, we share a keen interest in the world around us. We love to learn new things and explore areas of the world through the pages we turn. Cozy readers are compassionate, make loyal friends, aren't afraid to try new things.

And we share a love for animals.

On  Sunday I went to a dog show, a big one, a qualifier for national. What a treat!!! The dogs were wonderful, the handlers were funky, the atmosphere was electric.

While watching the action in the ring, I couldn't help noticing that the dogs were given treats....from the handlers' mouths. The show dogs got a piece. The handler got a piece.

"What are they eating?" I asked a woman waiting her turn in the ring.
"Dog bait," she said. "Chicken or steak."
I nodded, running this through my mind.
"We don't have a free hand in the ring," she explained. "So we pack the bait in our cheeks."
Okay, then. I'm glad I asked.

 Someone tried to explain the point system to me. They failed.

One show dog owner whispered a concern about PETA. The organization doesn't approve of showing dogs. I don't have a solid opinion on that, but I can tell you I didn't see any signs of abuse.

Quite the opposite.


Maggie Sefton said...

Dog Show! How fun, Deb! Was it in Milwaukee? What breed did the best in the quarter finals?

Mardel said...

I love my dog a lot - but I don't think I want him eating out of my mouth! Or maybe they pulled the meat out, and gave a piece to the dog? either way, kind of...ugh.

Some cute pictures though. A stroller for the dog? That's posh. I kind of like the look of the Chinese Crested - but they're probably a lot of upkeep, with the sunscreen needs and all. :)

tonya kappes said...

I went to a dog show for research a few different times and I loved it. I also have a friend who travels around with her shepards. It's a lot like writing. You have to love it b/c there isn't a whole lot of money in it...unless you're the Nora Roberts of the breed:)

Andrea C. said...

I don't show my dogs, but from everything I have seen those dogs are totally pampered and loved...not treated badly..of course, I feel bad for the dogs who have to be dressed in costumes! :)
And the idea of keeping dog snacks in my cheeks? Ewww!

Jeff Markowitz said...

I went to my first dog show earlier this year - the Westminster Kennel Club at Madison Square Garden - and all I kept thinking was what a perfect setting for a cozy mystery.

Anonymous said...

Deb, I haven't been to a dog show but it sounds like a lot of fun!

If you enjoyed the dog show, I'm sure you would also enjoy Judi McCoy's latest cozy mystery, entitled, "Death in Show," which came out a few weeks ago. It is about a murder of a handler at a dog show and the mystery is solved by a dog walker. This is Judi's third book in the Dog Walker series and lots of fun to read! I highly recommend it to cozy mystery and animal lovers.

Shirley in Baltimore

Jeanne C. said...

I, too was going to recommend Death In Show by Judi McCoy! I love her books!

Deb Baker said...

I'm off to find Death in Show!

Annette said...

I love dogs, so I am sure I would enjoy a dog show.
But there is no way my corgi Shelby would ever be a show dog, to spoiled and undisciplined. lol.

Dru said...

One of these days I want to attend the Westminster Kennel Dog Show.

Rural View said...

My first Great Dane came from a breeder who had built an indoor Olympic size pool - for the dogs!! Dog people are really characters.

Linda Leszczuk said...

My only problem with dogs shows is they rarely have a spot for my favorite breed - the American Mutt (aka Mixed, Mongel, Heinz 57). All of my dogs have been members of this wonderful breed. They come in all kinds of sizes and colors and personalities and I wouldn't trade any of them for a set of AKC Papers.

But that's just me.

Helen Kiker said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Death in Show book - great title. I will add this to the TBR list.

I love to watch Westminster on TV. Thanks also for the great pictures.

Helen Kiker

Lover of Books said...

I love dogs! Hubby and I are looking into getting a Shetland Sheepdog that has been rescued. I can't really watch the dog shows but if you can do it, more power to you! :)

Linda McDonald said...

I love dogs, but I've never been to a dog show. I like watching them on tv though....helps me with learning all the breeds. I have a White German Shepherd, which aren't in the dog shows, but they are beautiful and mine is super sweet.

Heather Webber said...

Such adorable pictures!

Vickie said...

When I was stationed in Anchorage AK, PETA used to raise a ruckus during Fur Rondy and the Iditarod thinking that the dogs are being treated cruelly when they pull the sleds. Those dogs are so happy to be there and doing what they were raised and trained to do. And all of the dogs are well treated and happy.