Friday, August 20, 2010

Diversion Tactics

By Heather

I’m easily amused. And distracted. Case in point: I’ve been working on a new proposal where my main character has a bit of a shady background. In one scene I have her describing where some people hide their money.

In some catalogue, somewhere, I knew I’d seen little safes that looked like another object completely. I just didn’t know what to call them. So, I did what any good researcher does.

I Googled.

And lo and behold—a whole new world opened up to me. The world of the “diversion” safe. I spent at least an hour looking at various sites. Look at some of these and you can see why. Electrical sockets, cleansers, mayo jars, books, flower pots... How clever. You know I want the Dr Pepper safe. That would fit right in here at my house. My favorite, though, might be the pillar candle.

The funny thing is I haven’t used these safes in the book yet—I went with a generic Band-aid box. But I have a feeling I will use them at some point.

Now, I’m not going to ask where you hide your valuables, but I will ask you to share the funniest/most interesting place you’ve heard of someone else hiding things. I heard a story once of an old woman who hid her good jewels at the bottom of an ice cream carton (she’d meticulously scooped the ice cream out and replaced it after she stashed her goods). Then one day there was a power outage and one of her kids came over to help clean out the fridge. Yep. He tossed the ice cream in the trash, and no one realized it until it was too late…
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