Thursday, August 26, 2010

Diet Time, Blah!

It’s that time again.
Diet time.
It’s my own fault. I’ve been slacking off on the exercise front all summer and it’s caught up to me (a whole ten pounds worth!)
Why is it that women can put on ten pounds in a few weeks but it will take us six months to lose it? So unfair, right?

It didn’t help that every place I went with the kids seemed to end up with their eating meals that came with mountains of crisp, salty French fries. Naturally, they couldn’t finish them all and I routinely broke one of the Golden Mommy Rules: Do not finish the food on your children’s plate!
I also tend to gain weight when I get off schedule and this summer, my kids were in camp and I went months without attending my usual gym classes. Apparently, I don’t push myself as much as an instructor does. I totally need a drill sergeant!
So “back to school” means I go back to the gym, back to my schedule, back to healthier meals.

Did anyone else gain or lose weight over the summer? Do you have new food or exercise goals for the fall?
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