Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to the Real World

by Leann

I finished the third cat book on Friday. Usually, when that manuscript goes off to the editor, I am ready to party. Partying for me includes things like eating ice cream or fast food. I know. I am such a wild child. But this time, I just felt drained. Perhaps that's because I have vet appointments that have been put off, a closet where I cannot find anything and a pile of unfiled receipts and bill statements that date back six months.

I hate filing and I do not want to clean a closet even though this time of year is perfect. It's too hot to go outside after eight AM or before eight PM. No. Forget the eight PM. Mosquitoes. Big fat juicy mosquitoes that love to feast on my flesh. I am not a fan of August in Texas.

There are wonderful things to look forward to, though. Both my grown kids are coming for a short visit at the end of the month. Then I leave for Seattle on September 17th to await the birth of my second granddaughter. I don't know what her name will be yet and I am anxious to see if she will have red hair like her sister--and like many on my side of the family. My dad's name growing up was "Red" and then my brother had the same nickname.

I am only beginning to even think about these upcoming events because I have been lost in the writing process. This was a tough journey because I never hit that downward slide I am used to reaching about midway through a book. I had to keep plugging away, taking whatever I could from each day's work.

What about you? How do you handle a task or a project that always used to go a certain way and then all of a sudden, you find the experience is completely different? For me, I got stressed and tired and worried. I have a feeling the relief will come on Monday--and maybe that dark pit of a closet won't seem so daunting.


Andrea C. said...

Yeah, I pretty much deal with unusual or stressful situations the same way. I just feel so drained! Hopefully, some of your fun upcoming events (can't wait to hear about the new granddaughter in September) will put a new spring in your step! :)

Ellery Adams said...

I eat comfort food when I'm stressed and tend to do all the paperwork first because I can't work with piles of stuff around. I seriously think about it instead of my writing. Anyway, your book is done and you should be mighty proud of your hard work!

Dru said...

I tend to close off everyone when I get overly stressed or things are not working the way they should.

Enjoy the good events that are happening soon because you deserve them.

Congrats on the book.

Helen Kiker said...

That ice cream certainly looks good enough to eat. I had to resist the urge to lick the computer screen.

Also loved the picture of the baby horn blower. Please let me know the name of the artist.

As you can see I am easily distracted from doing work like the dreaded dusting.

Helen Kiker

Leann Sweeney said...

Today clumsy me finished myself off by falling in the kitchen. Now that's a different way to handle stress! Tomorrow I will probably look like someone beat me up!

Helen, I don't know the artist on that darling picture. I'll try to find out.

Heather said...

Leann: Ouch! I hope you're okay!

I'm generally very organized. I go through mail right away, tossing junk and filing bills to be paid and receipts right away. I just can't function in clutter. I try the reward system for less savory tasks. Like not being able to finish reading a book, no matter how much I want to, until X, Y and Z are done.

Knittermama57 said...

That is hard. You are discombobulated. (Funny you never hear anyone called combobulated if they are doing well). How about some fun,like a movie before the filing and cleaning? If you were a knitter I would suggest a yarn purchase. When the UPS man delivers a yarn box, I look at him with such love, he must think I'm nuts. I think your fun qoutient might need to be raised.
As far as chores,I am very bad at paperwork which is why my husband pays most of our bills. We put a shredder in our kitchen so the junk is immediately shredded and my magazine renewals are dealt with by me immediately. I recently put my checking account and two main credit cards online. Did you know you can print out statements going back six years?! You don't need to file them if you put he accounts online.
A couple of years ago,I ruthlessly went through my closet and removed everything that did not fit or I did not like. There is a thrift shop on my block that gives out tax reciepts.

Leann Sweeney said...

Great ideas Knittermama! When I get my brain back, I might do some cross stitch. I do love to cross stitch. (and we have a shredder in our kitchen, too--with a whole bunch of stuff to be shredded piled on top! LOL)

Vickie said...

I play Scarlett O'Hara, "I'll think about that tomorrow."

Leann Sweeney said...

I do that, too, Vickie. Like today. I thought a lot about what I had to do accomplish. And actually did none of it. It is the thought that counts.

Lover of Books said...

I hate laundry and dishes but I have both staring at me. So I think I'll go take care of them and reward myself with reading. :) That is just what I have to do sometimes. lol